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Lymphoma: Facebook Live & Testimonial 10-11-2017
Lee shares a little about Lymphoma in our Facebook Live. You can watch the Facebook Live on our Facebook page.

After watching the Facebook Live, be sure to check out the story of Shorty, who fought Lymphoma with the help of cannabis oil.

Can You Die From a Cannabis Overdose? 10-5-2017
No, you cannot overdose on cannabis.
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Treating Breast Cancer with Cannabis 10-3-2017
Breast cancer is a majorly aggressive health concern for women worldwide. It is currently the second deadliest form of cancer for women. In fact, a woman born today has a 1 in 8 chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime ( In addition to its deadliness, it is also misunderstood and, due to the various types of breast cancer, difficult to treat. Radiology, surgery, and chemical options are often used in an attempt to combat breast cancers but they are incredibly harsh and can have devastating side effects. Further, many types of breast cancer continue to be resistant to these interventions and the prognosis for these remains poor. Fortunately, research is proving that medical marijuana, also known as medical cannabis, is slowing the growth of tumors (angiogenesis) and actually causing the cancer cells to die through a process known as apoptosis (Guzmán, M, et al).

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Breast Cancer Q&A Video 10-3-2017
King Harvest's Q&A series: Breast Cancer

Xanax and Anxiety Q&A Video 9-27-2017
King Harvest's Q&A series: Unwind is like a liquid Xanax!

Check out our latest Facebook Live! 9-26-2017
Lee and Bridget from King Harvest invite you to join them and their sweet dogs in the park.
Lee shares his own struggles with anxiety and how Unwind has helped his life.

Cannabis for Anxiety: Friend or Foe? 9-25-2017
There is a bit of confusion about how cannabis affects anxiety. While research is showing that medical cannabis can be very effective for treating disorders ranging from panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), there are stories of people using cannabis recreationally and experience unpleasant side effects that they feel exacerbates their anxiety. The truth is that there are many factors to consider when discussing the effects cannabis has on anxiety and anxiety disorders. Whether or not a person feels a sense of panic after using cannabis depends on variables such as the medicine’s strain, the patient’s drug tolerance, responsible use, and pre-existing conditions. In examining this issue a bit further, we can take a look at some of research and evidence which shows that medical cannabis, when taken as prescribed, is an excellent remedy for anxiety and anxiety-related disorders.

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Blue Emu Giveaway 9-25-2017
King Harvest is giving away Blue Emu, an amazing product that is great for aches and pains, but powerful enough for tumors and bone pain! Visit us on Facebook to learn more about Blue Emu and enter the giveaway.

Solving the Opiate Crisis with Medical Cannabis 9-10-2017
Our country is currently plagued by the serious issue that is opiate addiction. Each day, an average of 78 people die from an opioid overdose (USDHHS, 2016). Even scarier, the rate of opiate use and abuse does not appear to be diminishing. In fact, opiate prescriptions are being written at four times the rate they were in 1999 (CDC, 2017). The year 2004 alone saw opiate death tolls rising to 19,000. With statistics like these, it’s no wonder that our lawmakers are scrambling to find an answer to this crisis. Fortunately, medical cannabis has shown to be an effective solution to the opioid epidemic. Studies on medical cannabis are showing that not only is it safer and far more effective at pain relief than opiates, but it can treat addiction and withdrawal symptoms as well.

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Fibromyalgia Q&A Video 8-31-2017
King Harvest's Q&A series: Fibromyalgia

Medical Cannabis Might Be A Silver Bullet For Neuropathy 8-25-2017
Cannabis and Neuropathy

Opiate Addiction Q&A Video 8-23-2017
King Harvest's Q&A series: Opiate Addiction

Crohn's Disease Q&A Video 8-21-2017
King Harvest's Q&A series: Crohn's Disease

Diabetes Q&A Video 8-17-2017
King Harvest's Q&A series: Diabetes

Reclassification 8-2-2017
Is Cannabis About To Be Reclassified To Schedule III?
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Website Launch Raffle! 8-1-2017
To celebrate the launch of our updated site, we will be raffling off an array of products. Enter to win one product from EACH category. You can win a tincture, a vape, a topical, and FECO. We will work with you to find the combination that best suits your diagnosis.

Our raffle will begin today, August 1st, 2017.

In order to participate in the raffle, you must be an existing King Harvest member. For more information on how to become a member of our collective, please give us a call 877-469-4584.

Visit the King Harvest Facebook page for additional information.

Birthday Raffle 7-24-2017
This week we are celebrating a very important birthday. That's right, this weekend marks the 6th birthday of King Harvest Wellness! To celebrate, we will be raffling off a free Speck Pack! The King Harvest Speck Pack includes our three most popular tinctures - Unwind, Restore, and Uplift.

Our raffle will begin today, July 24th, 2017 and end on July 28th, 2017 11:59pm PST. We will be announcing the winner on Monday, July 31st, 2017.

In order to participate in the raffle, you must be an existing King Harvest member. For more information on how to become a member of our collective, please give us a call 877-469-4584.

Visit the King Harvest Facebook page for additional information.

OC Weekly Articles about King Harvest 7-10-2017
Special thanks go out to OC Weekly's cannabis site, PotPlus, who wrote two articles, one about King Harvest Wellness and the other, about our Synergy product.
Check them out, click King Harvest and/or Synergy

PTSD Q&A Video 6-15-2017
King Harvest's Q&A series: PTSD

CBD Oil: Hemp vs Cannabis 6-1-2017
It is not uncommon for one to walk into a health food store and find a bottle marked CBD Oil. This bottle will be marketed as a magical elixir, a potion to cure all. However, the bottle of CBD Oil available at your local market is CBD Oil derived from hemp. Understanding the distinction between CBD Oil derived from hemp and CBD Oil derived from cannabis is crucial for your health.

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Depression and Anxiety Q&A Video 5-28-2017
King Harvest's Q&A series: Depression and Anxiety

Read a full transcript at CBD Community of California

Memorial Day Raffle 5-19-2017
Enter for a chance to win a FREE 360 Speck Pack. Rules and regulations apply.

Veterans 5-2-2017
We want to give back to our community by giving away 100 bottles of our medicine to our country's veterans. First 100 military ID carrying veterans to contact us will get a complimentary medicine bottle as well as comprehensive patient care.

* * Freebie * * 5-2-2017
Free bottle of Synergy with purchase of a Speck Pack. Valid until April 20th, 2017. Call our toll free number 877.469.4584 for details.

Bipolar Q&A Video 4-16-2017
King Harvest's Q&A series: Bipolar

Read a full transcript at CBD Community of California