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Q: Can you take Unwind with an SSRI, such as Lexapro ?
A: YES!!! Cannabis does not cross indicate with SSRI's.
Q: Is hemp oil harmful?
A: Short answer is no. That said, hemp is made from the male part of the plant. This means it's full of plant estrogen which is not good for anyone, particularly anyone with a compromised immune system. King Harvest does not recommend hemp.
Q: What is the benefit to taking cannabis instead of Xanax?
A: Cannabis is not habit forming. It's is not bad for your liver. It can be taken long term without the harmful side effects.
Q: Last time I used cannabis, I became very anxious and needed to take a Xanax. How can cannabis oil help my anxiety?
A: If you experienced anxiety after using cannabis, it was most likely from the wrong strain, or family of strains. Cannabis comes in Sativa and Indica. Sativa is activating, and can be stimulating to some systems. Indica are the sleepy strains. They tend to be more sedative and good for treating anxiety, not causing it.
Q: How does cannabis help treat organ cancers?
A: With the correct ratio of CBD to THC, the CBD will bring down the inflammation and allow the body to make a perfect cell. The THC part of the protocol will kill the existing cancerous cells, therefore creating the Entourage Effect.
Q: Can I use cannabis in lieu of chemotherapy?
A: The short answer is yes. Many of King Harvest's members have decided not to go the traditional route of chemo or radiation. These members have found great success because their bodies have not been ravaged by the harsh chemicals of chemo and radiation. However, King Harvest recommends you do both western medicine protocols in conjunction with a cannabis oil protocol in order to cover all bases if that is what is recommended by your physician. We at King Harvest believe in working WITH western medicine and your doctors.
Q: What would be the best method for taking cannabis oil for liver cancer?
A: King Harvest recommends a 3:1 ratio for liver cancer. We recommend taking the oil orally as well as via suppository if the patient is willing. We have seen over the years that by attacking the cancer from both directions gives the patient the best chance for success. Most of your cannabinoid receptors are in your colon, therefore making suppositories a very good method for lower extremity cancers.
Q: How do I order your products?
A: Give us a call at 877-4-MY-HLTH (877-469-4584).
Q: Is there a place online where I can learn more about Cannabis?
A: You can follow us on social media. We are frequently posting videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. You can also also ask us general questions through social media or through our 'Contact us' web page - we'll be happy to answer!
Q: Why is whole plant processing more readily available than whole molecule processing?
A: Short answer...because it's more cost effective for oil makers. Using all the discardable parts isn't medicinal, but it makes more oil. Therefore driving down the cost. You get what you pay for.
Q: Is it ok to take my ssri's while I'm taking cannabis oil?
A: Yes. SSRI's do not cross indicate with cannabis. Its is fine to take them at the same time.
Q: What is the Entourage Effect?
A: The Entourage Effect is a term coined in cannabis science in 1998. It describes the effect created by the presence of CBD and THC in the system that allows the body to move into homeostasis, or balance. CBD brings down the inflammation, while the THC kills the mutated cells. This is what we call The Entourage Effect.
Q: Is there a specific THC/CBD ratio that you suggest for organ cancer?
A: Yes. Organ cancers call for a 3:1 THC dominant protocol.
Q: What are terpenes?
A: Research has shown that more than the purity of cannabis oil, the terpenes are what truly matter when talking about medical cannabis oil. The terpenes vary from strain to strain. Processing methods are critical for keeping the terpenes in tact. That's why King Harvest believes in whole molecule processing. Keeping the molecule in tact is what we've found to be most curative. Terpenes are what gives the oils it's smell, taste, and color. The science of cannabis is only beginning to understand all the complexities of terpenes...that is why keeping the molecule unfractured and in its natural state is so important.
Q: When I have an anxiety attack, I need immediate relief. Can cannabis provide this?
A: Absolutely! For immediate relief for things like anxiety attacks, seizures, or even migraines we suggest using a King Harvest vape for immediate results. Then an Indica oil, like Unwind, to control the anxiety long term.
Q: How do I know which product is right for me?
A: Give us a call at 877-4-MYHLTH (877-469-4584) and a specialist will help you create a custom wellness protocol.
Q: Are your products safe from pesticides?
A: Absolutely! All of our products are lab tested. You can read more about our testing here.
Q: How do I know if my oil is hemp based or cannabis based?
A: The hemp industry has intentionally made this all as misleading as possible. If you're buying it at a health food store or your local market, it's hemp. Cannabis oil is always going to have natural occurring THC in it. You have to look closely at your packaging. We at King Harvest are happy to "vet" any medicines you've bought to make sure it is cannabis, not hemp.
Q: How much KHO (King Harvest Oil) should I take at a time?
A: There are many factors to consider when it comes to dosing. This is why King Harvest Wellness offers each member a personal dosing specialist to assist in designing a custom protocol.
Q: Can I use these products on my pets?
A: Absolutely! King Harvest Tinctures, Topicals, and FECO are designed for human and animal use.
Q: How do cannabis side effects compare to Xanax side effects?
A: Side effects from cannabis are feeling good and getting better. Period.
Side effects of Xanax, or other prescription medications? Weight gain, dizziness, dry mouth, tiredness, nausea/vomiting, confusion, breathing problems, sweating, loss of balance or coordination, and suicidal thoughts/tendencies.
Which one looks like the better choice to you?

Q: Are there benefits to hemp oil?
A: We at King Harvest do not believe that hemp is curative. If you are dealing with heavy symptoms or critical illness, we suggest a cannabis protocol. Having said that, we liken hemp to ibuprofen. Some people report relief with a hemp based product. That's great, if you find relief with hemp, you'll find FAR greater results with cannabis.
Q: Can you die from a cannabis overdose?
A: No! No one has ever died from too much cannabis.
Q: What is Cellular Apaptosis?
A: Cellular Apaptosis is the process of programmed cell suicide. When tumors are treated with cannabis oil, in most cases, the tumor will seemingly increase in size, and change in texture just before it commits suicide. This process is called Cellular Apaptosis.
Q: Can I use hemp oil for chronic pain or serious illness?
A: We do not recommend using hemp for chronic pain or serious illness. Chronic pain is stubborn and will require THC. Hemp does not contain THC. This is why it's legal worldwide and mass produced. This is also why it's inexpensive and easy to obtain. It's not curative. It will not create the highly sought after Entourage Effect. It is a poor choice when battling serious illness or chronic pain.
Q: Will hemp create The Entourage Effect?
A: NO!!!!!
The presence of THC is needed to create The Entourage Effect.

Q: What is the difference between the CBD Oil I see at my local health food store and the CBD Oil from King Harvest?
A: The CBD you find in health food stores is hemp. It is void of THC and therefor not curative. King Harvest's CBD is derived from cannabis and has naturally occurring THC. The THC in conjunction with the CBD is how we create the Entourage Effect and help bring the body back into homeostasis. King Harvest uses the strain AC/DC for all their CBD products.
Q: What would be the best method for taking cannabis for prostate cancer?
A: King Harvest recommends a 3:1 ratio for prostate cancer. We recommend taking the oil orally as well as via suppository if the patient is willing. We have seen over the years that by attacking the cancer from both directions gives the patient the best chance for success. Most of your cannabinoid receptors are in your colon, therefore making suppositories a very good method for lower extremity cancers.
Q: Does the Entourage Effect occur in animals?
A: Yes. Anyone that has nipples and nursed in their youth has an endocannabinoid system and therefore the Entourage Effect is possible with the correct ratio of CBD to THC.
Q: What is the difference between whole plant processing, and whole molecule processing?
A: People are starting to figure out that "Whole molecule processing" is the best, and most curative way to make cannabis oil. Unfortunately, this is not a cost effective way to make medicine. We at King Harvest only use whole molecule processing. So the new "catch phrase" is "Whole plant processing" the hopes of confusing people. Whole PLANT processing means they use every part of the plant. Stems, seeds, trim....all the discardable parts. There is nothing medical about whole plant processing. It's a way for oil makers to get more yield from their plants. King Harvest does not find this to be ethical when treating critical illness. King Harvest makes "Flower only" medicine.
Q: Can I replace Xanax with cannabis oil?
A: Yes! A properly made Indica THC oil will take the place of your Xanax in a natural, non habit forming way. We usually recommend someone stabilizing on the cannabis oil, then slowly weening themselves off the Xanax or any other pharmaceuticals under the care of a doctor.