CBD & Cancer

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

For decades, the topic of CBD & cancer has been discussed and countless studies have been conducted to try and get to the bottom of it. There aren’t any CBD products available on the market today that have been evaluated and approved by the FDA, so at this point, it isn’t an official treatment option. That said, the conversation around CBD & cancer persists, and new studies continue to pop up on the subject.

Does CBD Cure Cancer?

Officially speaking, it cannot be claimed that CBD cures cancer. However, it may promote normal inflammatory responses and help to stimulate your appetite along with relieving pain and nausea. So while we can’t make any official medical claims about the correlation between CBD & cancer, the existing evidence ranks in favor of CBD’s enhanced pain management abilities to combat symptoms that are caused either by cancer or the related treatment.

Symptoms CBD May Help With

Depending on your particular condition, CBD may be able to help with pain. Throughout extensive testing and research, CBD has shown to be effective at relieving numerous cancer symptoms such as:

  • Several medications have been developed to include CBD and THC for the purposes of nausea relief, and cannabinoids have been listed as a treatment option by the American Cancer Society.
  • Reports indicate that by focusing on reducing inflammation, CBD can help relieve chronic pain for cancer patients. It may also help with chronic neuropathy pain.
  • CBD has been found to reduce anxiety and therefore assist with sleep duration. It may also improve sleep, as it enables your body to reach a deeper sleep state.
  • CBD has been used by numerous cancer patients to help combat the appetite loss resulting from cancer treatment.

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