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King Harvest Wellness reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

What we are:

We are King Harvest Wellness, a nonprofit, compassionate care provider that specializes in the education and manufacturing of Cannabis Oil and other Cannabis-based, critical illness medicines. We offer a full arsenal of Diagnosis Specific Cannabis Oil medications, Healing Support Tinctures, Full Extract Essential Oils and CBD Wellness Therapies. King Harvest Wellness is a diagnosis specific, critical illness Cannabis Oil provider who grows, prepares and discretely dispenses critical illness protocols to proposition 215 compliant patients throughout the state of California. We are a nonprofit, no-obligation resource for patients who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy source for information on their healing journey.

What we are not:

At King Harvest Wellness, we are not doctors and we do not practice medicine. We do not interfere with doctors or their protocols but instead, work together with licensed physicians to ensure patients are receiving the best possible care. Accessing the King Harvest website. We do not allow proxy servers, plus we have other restrictions to the website. If you feel you have been blacklisted from our site, which is difficult to do, please call us on our toll free number above and we will find out why this has happened, but we will need the IP address that is being used by your router or ISP

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