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Who We Are

We are a group of compassionate-care counselors and naturopaths who work directly with doctors, patients, and support groups to help families gain reliable and safe access to healing cannabis remedies. We educate our members and their families with comprehensive alternative-therapy knowledge and dosing support with no obligations related to the medicines we provide. We seek to work in harmony with our members' acting physicians in order to achieve the best possible outcome on a case by case basis.

It is our belief that by supporting the body's own Endocannabinoid System, we are able to fundamentally treat disease at its very root. It is further important to illustrate that we don’t think of Cannabis Oil therapy as an acute medical protocol per se, but rather, a powerful nutraceutical support therapy that allows the body to CURE itself by the re-establishment of homeostasis. King Harvest offers a supportive environment of healing, education, and advocacy, while furnishing your family with lab tested, medical grade, diagnosis specific Cannabis Oil.

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to furnish the California patient community with quality, lab-tested Cannabis Oil medicines, to offer no obligation education, and to raise awareness about the healing benefits of Cannabis Oil. Our goal is to act as an interface between the traditional western medical community and cannabis-related alternative and natural therapies. We do not seek to replace or compete with western medicine in any way; we seek to join the conversation. It is our belief that the true miracle of Cannabis Oil lies in its ability to support the body in healing itself. It is this belief that drives our focus, and has helped us extend the length and quality of life for so many critically-ill patients.