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As the list of CBD benefits grows, more and more products end up on the market to help us manage our pain. But what about our furry friends? Pets often have issues with situational stress, joint discomfort, and other ailments and studies have shown that CBD oil for pets may be a good option for those who want to benefit their pet’s health.

How To Give CBD for Pets

There are many options when it comes to CBD for pets, including edible treats, tinctures, oils, peanut butter, chews, and more. CBD oil for dogs has been developed as a simple way to administer CBD for pets and provide the known benefits, and King Harvest carries CBD tincture products that have been specially designed for both human and animal use. Just a few tasty drops in your dog’s mouth and they can experience the benefits of CBD for pets.

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What are the Benefits of CBD for Pets?

There’s no official documentation that suggests CBD for pets, however, extensive research and testing indicates that it helps to relieve pain and anxiety as well as control seizures for cats & dogs. In humans, CBD is used because of its ability to relieve inflammation, provide cardiac benefits, increase appetite, reduce stress, and assist with nausea, and results from numerous studies indicate that it can be as effective when given to pets.

If you do administer CBD for pets, know that they may experience a dry mouth, drowsiness, and lower blood pressure as potential side effects.

Always check with your veterinarian before giving your dogs & cats CBD oil or other CBD products.


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