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How Cannabis Oil Works

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Cannabis and Cannabis Oil based medications are among the most exciting contributions to modern medical science in recent memory. It is safe, subtle, and non-invasive. The healing effects can be total. Scientific research now shows both CBD and THC Cannabinoid compounds are effective and safe for pain management. Furthermore, these Cannabinoid compounds are free of the dangers found with typical physical addiction. Cannabis itself is not a respiratory suppressant, so in large acute therapeutic doses, it is safer than most pharmacological medicines or supplements. The power of these natural Cannabinoid compounds comes from the stimulation of our body’s own Endocannabinoid System. By reinvigorating or stimulating this natural living system, we can stimulate the body’s ability to promote self-healing, to stave off disease, and to fight symptoms of age related illness. Our goal is to treat critical illness in a non invasive and holistic manner that focuses on the underlying cause of most critical illness diagnosis.

The recently discovered Endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in the body’s physiological regulation, hormonal balance, psychological health, and most importantly, our body’s ability to stave off age related illnesses. The body’s ability to self regulate and maintain homeostasis is vital in the battle against cell mutations and disease. If we can gently and naturally restore the body’s innate ability to self regulate, we effectively boost that same body’s ability to remain disease-free. The discovery of brain receptors that respond favorably to Cannabinoids has led to the identification of numerous endogenous Cannabinoid compounds that naturally occur within the body. Understanding how our own human anatomy and physiology interrelate with Cannabinoids has led to gigantic conceptual leaps in our understanding of human physiology and the nature of disease itself.

It is a long established medical and scientific fact that many of the Cannabinoid compounds can help regulate and stimulate many of the physiological systems of the human body. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that trigger stimulation in our own naturally occurring Cannabinoid receptors. The true power of Cannabis Oil that it helps the body rid itself of disease by simply stimulating the Endocannabinoid system. There are numerous scientific studies that show how both THC and CBD compounds are legitimately therapeutic for a wide variety of conditions. It isn’t about THC or CBD alone, but rather the synergy of the compounds in the whole molecule that prove to be the most effective.