Can You Use CBD Oil In A Vape Pen?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

You can use CBD oil in a vape pen. Which is great news for people who want to vape CBD, since among the various canna-products out there, CBD oil is arguably one of the most effective and beneficial.

With legalization sweeping new states almost on a yearly basis now, there’s been a tremendous influx of new entrants to the CBD and recreational marijuana market, creating a ton of noise around these respected product lines.

CBD is becoming a well-known alternative treatment option for patients experiencing a variety of ailments, and it is growing in popularity worldwide due to its medical benefits — without the psychoactive effects of THC products or the negative stigma often associated with it.

Although CBD and THC are relatively similar in nature, their chemical composition and consumption methods can vary greatly, as do the lasting effects they have on those who use them.

For this reason, it’s imperative that you do a fair amount of research before trialing CBD vape pens, and consider consulting with the manufacturer before using them to vape CBD oil.

Many people are realizing the significant benefits one can receive from CBD, and that there are numerous means for ingesting this particular cannabinoid. However, CBD is fairly delicate and needs to be consumed in ways that won’t damage the chemical integrity of the substance.

When considering introducing any substance into your body, severe care and precautions should be taken to ensure you obtain the medical and pain-relieving results that are commonly sought out in products like CBD.

To help you safely reap those benefits, let’s look at whether you can use CBD oil in a vape and how to use it the right way. Also consider consulting with our team of experts at King Harvest. We have knowledgeable staff standing by to answer any questions you may have about our products, proper dosing, and more.

Let’s get started!

Vaping CBD Oil: Can It Be Done?

The simple answer is yes! However, it’s not as straightforward as one might think.

CBD oil is a concentrated product, which makes it both very potent and sensitive to hot temperatures. However, under the right conditions, CBD offers tremendous benefits to patients seeking relief for pain, inflammation, side effects of chemotherapy treatment, lack of appetite, seizures, epilepsy, diabetes, and a number of other conditions.

Due to CBD’s instability when exposed to the high heat that your typical vaporizers generate, you could end up wasting a ton of the active cannabinoid if you used it without the proper preparation or guidance.

Not only that, but there are specific parameters that should be considered before diving into CBD to avoid ruining this delicate concentrate. For instance, paying close attention to dosage, temperature, and other variables are crucial to achieving optimal vaporization and the desired results that CBD can produce.

In addition, having the right oil concentrate as well as the right vaporizer, and matching them up correctly, are key elements to ensuring that you achieve the medicinal effects you’re seeking.

Thankfully, the growing acceptance of CBD has paved the way for extensive experimentation with the substance. This has greatly increased our understanding of CBD, as well as the number of ways in which patients consume it — meaning just about everyone can find a way to consume CBD that works for them.

Given the variety of products on the market, trying to find what works best for you can be intimidating at first. But with proper research and care, you can vape CBD and in a safe and effective manner.

Here’s how to do it right.

How to Safely Use CBD Oil In A Vape Pen

1. Use CBD ‘Vape’ Oil

With a wave of commercialized products hitting the shelves, it can be confusing to decipher between the various liquid CBD products. Tinctures, topical creams, CBD oil, THC concentrate…they’re all similar but different in important ways.

CBD oil and CBD vape oil may be similar in terms of color, viscosity, and scent, but they are very different in how they are meant to be consumed. Mixing the two is never recommended, as they are meant to be ingested in different manners.

CBD oil is typically taken by mouth, and many people who use it prefer to mix this potent concentrate with foods and beverages to help dilute the flavor. If you try adding CBD (edible) oil to a vaporizer, not only will it probably taste unpleasant, but also you won’t experience the effects and the oil will likely be burned up, given the temperature ranges at which most vaporizers operate.

CBD vape oil is the only product that should be ingested through vaporization, and it requires very specific boundary conditions to be utilized correctly.

Vape cartridges are ideal for use with vaporizers and offer a variety of flavors and potency.

2. Vape At Lower Temperatures

Unlike vaping raw cannabis flower, vaping oil concentrate often requires a much higher boiling temperature to release the active cannabinoids, terpenes, and other ingredients in CBD.

It’s important to know that, because of its consistency, CBD oil can burn up easily, which will produce less-than-desirable vapor.

With live resin, the recommended temperature range typically is between 365 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything lower than this range will not produce enough vapor for one to ingest, and anything higher will often burn the contents, rendering it useless.

Selecting the right vaporizer/battery also helps. Consider using one that allows you to set specific temperatures, as this will allow a controlled environment when trialing.

3. Use The Right Dosage

Like any substance, having the proper dose is essential for achieving the desired therapeutic results that CBD can produce. Factors such as age, body type, genetic traits, overall well-being, and more can also be variables that may alter the proper dosage for CBD vapes.

The suggested range in most cases is from 10-30mg for most electronic vapes, and is the range we suggest for most of the patients we speak to.

Any higher and you may start feeling sleepy or tired, given the sheer concentration, and quick metabolization of the substance in one’s bloodstream.

If the dosage is any lower than the 10mg mark, you might not feel much given the lighter dose.

Also consider your tolerance to the substance when doling out the proper dose, as well as your metabolic traits. It will often require higher doses to properly remedy a patient who consumes CBD regularly, while a patient who is not as experienced won’t require nearly as much.

4. Buy High-Quality Vape Pens

Using pens with good temperature regulation and stable batteries is the next piece to this equation. Disposable CBD pens, CBD resin cartridges, and refillable CBD pods are popular products, and they all have their pros and cons.

Disposable CBD pens are often the cheapest and most convenient method for vaping CBD. They typically offer a select amount of hits, require no charging, and are packaged in a plastic or metal element that’s meant to be discarded after use.

Resin cartridges are second on the list in terms of convenience, offering a single-use vape cart, usually in 0.5g or 1g quantities. For battery-powered vapes, a 510 battery typically will be powerful enough to achieve the temperatures needed to properly combust CBD oil.

Last are refillable CBD pods. It requires some work to apply CBD concentrate into the pod itself, but they can offer a unique experience customized to the individual user.

5. Other Things To Consider

It can be a good idea to take slower draws at first to warm up the vaporizer and reach optimal internal temperatures. If there is little to no vapor, or if the vapor tastes burnt or harsh, consider stopping, as the ingredients might not be vaporizing correctly.

With the amount of regulation that goes into these products, in most cases a manual or user’s guide will be provided with either the CBD oil or the vape itself. Consult the manual first to understand the manufacturer’s recommendations for ideal consumption conditions, prep guides, tutorials, and more.

Also note that any concentrate should be stored in a room-temperature setting. Leaving these items in your car overnight or leaving them in direct sunlight can often compromise them.

Many of our products are extremely concentrated, meaning you need only a very small dosage to achieve desired effects. Consider this before administering anyone a CBD resin-based product, as they are typically very powerful and highly effective in small doses.

CBD Products You Can Use In Vape Pens

At King Harvest, we offer a variety of topical, edible, and vape-able products ranging from both CBD and THC for patients in need of different remedies.

There are two types of products that can be used with a vaporizer: pre-filled, disposable cartridges and reusable full-extract cannabis oil (FECO) concentrate products.

Here are some of our CBD products you can safely use with a vape pen.

1. Restore Vape Cartridge


This 18:1 CBD-dominant ratio product helps to mitigate the negative effects from intense cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation screenings. Typically, the Restore Vape Cartridge is used for more aggressive critical illness protocol, and it has shown success in patients who are more sensitive to the powerful effects of THC. These 100% organic flower-only oils are ideal for individuals looking for a reliable, anti-inflammatory concentrate.

2. Synergy PM Vape Cartridges


Among our selection of vape cartridges, products like our Synergy PM Vape Cartridges provide a mixture of both THC and CBD in different ratios.

Synergy combines our Restore and Unwind vape cartridges into a product that stimulates the body’s endocannabinoid system with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. This dual punch creates a reaction known as the “entourage effect.”

This is ideal for those who have some tolerance to THC and are looking for a product that not only helps reduce inflammation but also offers pain relief and relaxation benefits.

3. CBD FECO Standard


FECO was developed for patients seeking relief from severe pain and inflammation. This concentrate comes in a variety of strengths and options, and CBD FECO Standard is suited for both humans and pets.

There are also a variety of full-extract products for both THC and CBD derived directly from flower-only cannabis strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, Cotton Candy, and Purple Kush.



Depending on the effects you’re looking for, King Harvest offers a variety of THC, CBD, and hybrid FECO options. Typically, these will be dominant in either cannabinoid, and offer both pain relief as well as psychoactive effects, combined into one concentrated tincture.

The 1:3 FECO CBD DOM combines indica THC and CBD in a 1:3 ratio, flower-only oil. This ultra-potent, CBD-dominant oil is effective for the treatment of a wide variety of symptoms and can be vaped.


You can vape CBD successfully if you consider some crucial factors before experimenting, have the proper equipment, and are knowledgeable about what you hope to achieve.

With the growing popularity of CBD and medical marijuana across the nation, it’s likely that vaping will also become more popular and become closely regulated, which will translate into safer consumption methods and instructions for those interested in vaping CBD oil.

King Harvest is a California-based producer of medical-grade, lab-tested CBD and THC products. Our product lines include tinctures, pre-rolls, oil, vapes and cartridges, and edibles, as well as CBD products for your pets.

We aim to act as an interference between traditional Western medicine and cannabis-related alternative and natural therapies and remedies.

While our products might not be a direct replacement for some medicines and treatments, we hope to act as an adjacent supplement to common treatments for everything from pain and inflammation to chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Not sure on the proper remedy for you or a loved one? No problem! We offer free, no-obligation consultations by phone to help select the proper CBD treatment tailored just for you.

For more information about who we are, what we do, and the medicinal products we at King Harvest provide, visit us here.