Vaping CBD: Everything you need to know

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

As CBD use becomes more popular and normalized, there is a growing demand and need to expand CBD products into different realms to make it easier for people to adopt it into their lifestyles.

One of these paths is CBD vape juice.

For many people, vaping may well have been the first time they tried CBD and liked it! Tinctures are not for everyone, especially those who are sensitive to the taste or the application process. Vaping is highly accessible and hugely commonplace making it an easy and practical way to use CBD.

CBD Vaping Explained

Vaping essentially simulates smoking. It uses battery-powered vape devices to create an aerosol that you inhale. Once inhaled into the lungs, the liquid (a nicotine and flavoring solution) is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Early vaping devices resembled cigarettes but new models look more like USB flash drives or small pods. Regardless of the design, all vapes consist of the same basic components:

  • A heating element – atomizer
  • A power source – battery
  • A mouthpiece – to inhale from
  • A cartridge, reservoir, or pod – contains the liquid solution for vaping

The liquid solution can be made up of a variety of different components and chemicals. Vaping is normally done using cartridges or “e-liquid” containing a mixture of nicotine, flavorings, and chemicals. However, these cartridges can be switched with CBD solutions tuning a vape pen into an effective therapeutic solution.

There are five main types of vaping products:

Disposable CBD vape pens: The most affordable and easiest way to vape CBD oil. They are lightweight, cigarette-style pens that are pre-filled with CBD oil solution offering a few hundred puffs before disposal.

CBD oil cartridges: Slim vape tanks that come pre-filled with CBD oil solution. They work with a 510-thread battery and hold around 0.5 mL to 1 mL of CBD e-liquid.

CBD pods: Similar to CBD oil cartridges but using a JUUL battery, CBD pods are a convenient way for JUUL users to switch between CBD and nicotine.

Refillable vape pens: Rechargeable vape pens that you fill with your own CBD liquid. They produce more vapor and flavor than disposables and are more cost-effective in the long run.

Refillable pod vapes: these are suitable for use with CBD but must handle thicker e-liquids because most CBD vape liquid contains <70% vegetable glycerin (VG).


The Benefits of Vaping CBD

Second, only to tincture, vaping is a highly effective way to experience the benefits of CBD because it creates a fast path into the bloodstream. It means the effects of vaping CBD are felt quickly. Tincture only wins out because it is digested meaning that the cannabinoids remain in your system for longer.

The process of heating the CBD vaping liquid helps to activate the cannabinoids without burning them. This means that, unlike smoking, you do not consume tar and carbon monoxide – a by-product of combustion.

The therapeutic benefits of CBD are well documented and as it becomes ever-popular in society, it is also being researched more and more. CBD is mostly used by individuals to help manage stress levels, anxiety, and to aid with sleep disorders.

Vaping provides individuals with a more practical and discreet method of taking CBD whether in private or public. That is, more discreet than using a tincture, for example. As a more convenient method, it enables users to take it as and when needed throughout the day.  

For anybody looking to quit tobacco and smoking, research also suggests that CBD can reduce consumption in tobacco smokers. If you combine this with vaping–an option used by many to quit smoking—vaping CBD can be considered a highly viable method of quitting smoking.


How to Vape CBD Oil

There are a few things to consider when vaping CBD oil. Aside from dosage which is crucial when consuming CBD in any form, it is also worth assessing what benefits you want to get from it.


Buy the Best CBD Vape Oil

As with any CBD product, quality is king. With CBD vaping it is crucial that the oil has been prepared and sealed correctly in the cartridge to prevent leaking and deterioration. Otherwise, it simply won’t function as well as it should.

Be sure to only purchase vaping CBD oil from reputable sellers who use lab-tested products to ensure quality control throughout the cultivation, processing, and packaging process.


Finding Your CBD Dosage

Choosing the right dose of CBD for you is a big part of getting the most out of Cannabidiol. When it comes to vaping, a good place to start is at around 18mg for people between 150 and 240 lbs according to the CBD vape dosage chart from Vaping360. We advise starting low and, if needed, raising the dosage by 5mg increments. Just be sure to give each increment some time.


Choosing the Right Vaping Device

We touched on the different vaping devices available earlier but choosing between them can still be a little hard. For some, it may just be a convenience, so they will choose devices depending on their situation. Here is a quick run-down of the pros and cons for each:


Disposable CBD vape pens:

  • Pros – convenient, disposable, available from many outlets in-store and online
  • Cons – wasteful, questionable quality, poor shelf life, expensive in the long run

CBD oil cartridges:

  • Pros – convenient, better guarantee of quality, better shelf life, available from many outlets online
  • Cons – less so but still wasteful, requires charging

CBD pods:

  • Pros – convenient, better guarantee of quality, better shelf life, available from many outlets online
  • Cons – less so but still wasteful, requires charging, only works with JUUL batteries

Refillable CBD vape pens:

  • Pros – convenient, inexpensive, more environmentally friendly
  • Cons – not as widely available, requires charging, requires some maintenance

Refillable pod vapes:

  • Pros – convenient, inexpensive, more environmentally friendly
  • Cons – not as widely available, requires charging, requires some maintenance


CBD Vaping Tips

If you’re new to vaping, you may not be familiar with the best way to vape. To use your CBD oil vape cartridge, insert it into the vape pen and turn on the device. Then, inhale the vapor by taking slow sips and drawing it into your mouth. Hold the vapor in your mouth for a second or two before inhaling it into your lungs. Finally, exhale the vapor.


Our Top CBD Vape Products

King Harvest CBD vape products are designed to pair perfectly with our tinctures. They use the same combinations of CBD, Indica THC, and Sativa THC to create our range of products to suit your mood and therapy goals.



The Unwind Indica THC Vape Cartridge is infused with coconut oil and designed to cater to those looking for pain management and mood balancing. Ideal for insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, or anxiety.


The Uplift Sativa THC Vape Cartridges are designed for those needing pain relief as well as a boost in focus and positivity. It aids mental focus, critical thinking skills, energy, and positivity, without feeling sedated or overly high. Ideal for physical therapy and rehabilitation as a daytime practice.


The Restore CBD Vape Cartridge is a Cannabidiol-only oil with a CBD ratio of 18:1 suited to people looking for anti-inflammatory and anxiety-relieving qualities. Ideal for people who are sensitive to THC.


The Synergy Vape Cartridge is a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, as a blend of the Uplift and Restore oils. It is highly effective as a pain reliever with the added benefit of increased energy for whole-body wellness.

Astro Stik

The Astro Stik is an ultra-lightweight and compact vape pen for optimum discretion. The ceramic core heating element helps enhance the flavor of any oil compared to a conventional vape pen for a better vaping experience. 

The Potential Side Effects of Vaping

The act of vaping itself can cause unwanted side effects like throat and mouth irritation, headaches, and even nausea. Long-term use also brings with it inherent health risks that include asthma, lung scarring, and heart disease. E-liquid vaping has also been linked with compromising immune systems and in some instances, even death.

Final Thoughts

Vaping offers people a highly convenient and discreet delivery method that suits a busy lifestyle and socializing.

While we at King Harvest wholeheartedly believe in the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil, you must consider that your choice of delivery method may have the potential to cause you harm in other ways. It needs to be your personal decision of weighing up the potential benefits with the potential long-term effects.

It is our responsibility to be transparent about this because your health and well-being is our primary goal.