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Diagnosis and Strain Specific

King Harvest prepares diagnosis specific protocols for each member based on a detailed discussion about the individual member’s current diagnosis and any other concurrent or related ailments. We provide our members with Cannabis Oil medicine sourced and prepared from genetically pure, healing strains that contain proven compound ratios known to be effective. We believe that quality medicine, like quality food or water, comes from acquiring the original source. Adhering to this belief, we grow, prepare, and dispense medicine that is derived from Cannabis strains selected for their genetic similarity to ancient healing varieties. We believe most curative compounds exist in nature and are not synthetically engineered or genetically modified in a laboratory. The Cannabis Oil protocols we provide our members are left in whole molecule form to allow for maximum healing effect, similar to the way natural and organic foods are prepared. All our raw materials and prepared medicines are batch tested by third party laboratories to ensure potency and purity. You can read more about our lab testing here here. Our personal experience teaches us that the closer the medicine is to its original source, the greater the power that medicine will have to heal.

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