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Understanding CBD & THC Ratios

When you purchase cannabis products from a dispensary there are several different CBD THC ratios that you can choose from which dictate how much CBD vs THC the product will contain. Items such as vapes or oils come marked with this ratio so that you can make informed decisions about what you are consuming.

Learn About Our CBD & THC Ratios

The most basic you’ll come across is a 1:1 ratio, which simply means that the level of THC is equal to the level of CBD in that product. However, in the case of a 5:1 ratio, there would be five times the amount of CBD as THC in each does that you consume. This THC vs CBD ratio doesn’t indicate the actual amount of CBD or THC in milligrams, but simply how much of one compared with the other.

What’s the Best CBD:THC Ratio For Your Pain?

The cannabis plant is complex, and both cannabinoids target different pain within the body. Depending on what pain you’re trying to manage, playing with different THC and CBD ratios can help you achieve the right combination to meet your individual needs.

What Does King Harvest Offer?

At King Harvest we have a variety of CBD THC ratio oils to choose from, including:

  • 1:1. A simple one-to-one that provides the best of both cannabinoids.
  • 1:3. One part THC and three parts CBD help to promote decreased inflammation and severe pain without leaning too heavily on the psychoactive effects.
  • 3:1. With three parts THC and one part CBD, this oil is very potent and is used by those looking to decrease pain associated with cancer and chronic pain.

We also have Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) in CBD and THC variants, as well as High Test versions of both.

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