Rick Simpson Oil

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Table of Contents

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This week King Harvest shines light on “Processes”…this week we’re talking RSO or Rick Simpson Oil.

If you’re interested in medical marijuana, you’ve inevitably heard of a form of cannabis known as Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO. Many think RSO is a form of concentrated cannabis oil known to have medical benefits, particularly for cancer, but in truth, RSO is a process. And while this process may have started the cannabis oil revolution, RSO has been improved upon greatly over the years.

RSO is descriptive of a toxic extraction process that rarely considers the quality of the original material the oil is derived from. Further we find that chemical residue in patients with compromised immune systems are counter productive. We at King Harvest believe that quality in is quality out and that “medical grade” oil should be made with ever increasing improvements and testing.

Although many oils appear similar we find that King Harvest Oils are second to none in the treatment of inflammation of all types. Enhanced Lab testing and focus on what is called the “Terpene” profiles shows that science is only beginning to understand the miracle of this process. King Harvest has a highly potent and organic “living” form of cannabis oil that we call KHO. KHO is flower only, strain specific, lab tested, and lastly whole molecule processed.

KHO stands apart from RSO for the above reasons.

  • RSO is made from “Whole Plant” or “Trim”.
  • RSO is rarely lab tested.
  • RSO is not strain specific.
  • RSO is made with toxic solvents that leave the oil less medicinal than KHO.

This week King Harvest is breaking down the facts about processes….this week we’re talking RSO and KHO.