Can You Build a Tolerance to CBD?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Can You Build a Tolerance to CBD?

For many CBD users, there comes a time when the effects don’t feel as strong as when they started using it. The most common reason why users may not feel the same effects of CBD is because it has passed its shelf life or expired. However, another popular opinion has begun circulating in the CBD industry that poses the question, can you develop a tolerance to CBD?

Can You Develop a CBD Tolerance?

At this point in 2023, there is still very little research into CBD tolerance specifically, but we know that this will change as CBD products become more widely used for therapeutic purposes across the world.

According to a well-cited study by Mateus Machado Bergamaschi in 2011, there was no specific mention of CBD tolerance. Other sources state that because cannabidiol doesn’t target CB1 receptors, it cannot become desensitized leading to increase tolerance. In fact, CBD may create a reverse tolerance meaning that users can consume less over time and still receive the same benefits.

The World Health Organization has even weighed into the conversation and stated in their 2018 report that “no studies of the physical dependence potential of CBD in animals were identified.”

There is currently no sufficient evidence to say that users can become tolerant to CBD in the same way they do to THC.

Either way, tolerance isn’t a bad thing and it has nothing to do with dependence or addiction. It is merely your body’s natural response to using a substance with regularity. A good way to think about it is using coffee. If you frequently drink coffee, you will need more coffee to really “feel the effects”. If somebody who rarely drinks coffee has one, they will feel a more intense effect.

What Can Cause CBD to Lose Its Effectiveness?

It is easy to jump to conclusions that your body has already developed a tolerance for CBD. For the most part, it makes sense, especially for frequent users of these products.

So why are people convinced that they may develop a CBD tolerance?

Oftentimes users do not question the main reasons why CBD loses effectiveness, such as poor storage, UV exposure, and product expiry date. These factors are proven in understanding how CBD can be effective for people with chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

In CBD marketing, it is easier to justify the possible reasons why CBD isn’t effective as a tolerance issue. CBD companies will likely benefit from a perception of tolerance as it leads to an increase in consumption. That and the connection between THC and CBD can cause people to jump to conclusions without an understanding of how tolerance works. For example, THC tolerance is well documented because THC acts through CB1 receptors.

6 Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of CBD

When looking into “CBD tolerance” most people essentially want to know how they can increase the effectiveness of CBD oils and other products. We would always recommend you first start by only using quality CBD products purchased from reputable sources, such as our wide range of safe, lab-tested, CBD and THC cannabis oil medicines.

With quality taken care of, there are six more things you can try to ensure you can enjoy the best possible experience with CBD products.

Store Your CBD Correctly

After making the confident decision of purchasing high-quality CBD, you need to follow it up with how you store the oils or other products. Cannabidiols are quite volatile and will start breaking down fast when they are exposed to excessive light, heat, and air, meaning they will be far less effective as treatments.

We recommend that all CBD users make themselves familiar with the best practices for CBD storage as the easiest way to guarantee effectiveness.

Take Regular Breaks:

One of the best ways to manage how you perceive CBD’s effectiveness is to take regular breaks. For THC users, these are often referred to as y-breaks and have been proven to be highly effective in resetting your body’s association with the compound. One important difference here is the time it takes for each compound to leave your system. It takes up to three weeks for THC to leave a person’s system if they are a regular user, but CBD only stays in your system for around 3.5 days.

By taking long stints of a few days or weeks your body can have time to readjust making it more sensitive to the compound again. However, some users may find this method hard.

The alternative (or first step) is to actively make it a non-daily practice. In other words, you don’t take it every day, but perhaps every other day or when needed.

Many people use CBD oil for pain relief and to help themselves sleep better. However, both pain and tiredness vary day by day. Instead of using CBD oil routinely, save it for when your pain is more intense or you know that you will have trouble sleeping. That way you should feel more susceptible to the effects and you can maximize the benefits.

Adjust the Dosage:

If you find that the amount of CBD you take is no longer giving you the desired effects, and you are taking care to store your oils properly, you may need to change the amount. Increasing the dose slowly can help you get the effects you want.

If you feel at all uncomfortable with increasing the dose or want to understand more about the potential side effects, we highly recommend consulting your doctor or CBD specialist.

Alternate Delivery Methods

By changing the way that you deliver CBD oils or products, you can vary their perceived potency and effectiveness based on what your goals are.

For example, applying CBD oil directly underneath your tongue is a fast-acting method because it is digested and quickly enters your bloodstream. The effect is very different when you apply CBD oil to your skin where it does not enter your bloodstream and is absorbed into the skin and muscles, providing more isolated pain relief.

You should remember that there are different methods for consuming CBD: Capsules, oils, tinctures, vape oil, creams, teas, the list is long! Each of these methods is designed with a specific carrier to help the CBD components have their desired effect.

Incorporate CBD Cycling

CBD cycling involves switching between times when you use CBD and times when you don’t. For instance, you might take CBD for a few weeks and then stop for a week. While it is similar to taking breaks, it follows a more structured pattern. This can especially be useful for athletes targeting key events where recovery is paramount, but it will work for just about any CBD user.

The best way to approach this method is with experimentation and keeping track of how you feel in a journal or notebook. Each individual reacts to CBD compounds in a slightly different way so you need to find what method works best for you and your lifestyle.

Consider Microdosing

Microdosing is the principle of taking tiny controlled doses of a drug throughout the day instead of larger doses in one go. It is often associated with high-potency therapeutic products such as psychedelics, but it can work just as well with CBD.

By taking small doses at regular intervals, your body can be fed a steady supply of plant cannabinoids to stimulate your body’s natural endocannabinoid system. It’s especially beneficial for users who want to keep their anxiety or pain levels in check because it is more consistent which should reduce the ups and downs of symptoms.

Microdosing can be done simply by breaking down your daily consumption into smaller amounts. For example, if you normally consume 10mg of CBD in a day, you can distribute it in four 2.5mg doses.

Final Thoughts

Everyone’s body is different, so finding the best way to maintain CBD’s effectiveness may take trial and error. Pay attention to your body, write down what happens, and talk to a doctor or CBD expert for personalized advice.

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