High Test THC FECO

King Harvest Indica THC Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) is a flower-only oil consisting of Indica THC. It is a flower-only full extract derived from cannabis strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, Cotton Candy, GrandDaddy Purple, and Purple Kush varieties. FECO(ht) the cannabinoids are extracted from the raw material (cannabis flower) with 5 quick rinses of sub-zero ethanol and liquid nitrogen. This process extracts higher cannabinoids with less plant material resulting in a more transparent, higher viscosity, and higher potency oil, usually ranging from 700-800mg of THC/g. This product is best used for patients with a very high tolerance to THC, cancer treatment, extreme pain management, recreational use, and infusing into edibles. Shop our collection of strongest CBD oil tinctures specifically for people with a high tolerance to CBD. Have questions on CBD topicals for pain? Contact our CBD specialists!

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Customer Reviews

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Cora Brown
Unwind oil and HT THC indica

The indica is absolutely great for my migraines , arthritis and my inflammation. Helps me to get through the day. Customer since 2021. Always a great experience.

Martha Stycos
High tolerance

I must have a really high tolerance or my body processes it differently but I’m not getting the pain relief I was hoping for with this product. I am also on a lot of medication for pain which may be a factor. However, I sleep better then I ever have when using this product. Those of you looking for a buzz… I didn’t feel a thing, no buzz.

Karen Sanderson
Very helpful

I use this in addition to the THC/CBD FECO. It helps greatly with chronic pain I have suffered with since 2015!! Highly recommend.