Our 3:1 Indica THC/CBD Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) is a flower-only THC dominant oil consisting of 3 parts Indica THC and 1 part CBD (Cannabidiol) compounds. Developed initially for severe and chronic pain management for hospice patients, the ultra-potent, high THC Indica FECO is made using plant phenotype strains known to have positive effects on even the most aggressive cancers and degenerative neurological conditions. Indica THC Dominant Full Extract Cannabis Oil is effective for the relief of a broad range of symptoms, but is most widely used to stall or reverse some end stage cancers. Customers have commonly used our 3:1 Indica Oil for Severe & Chronic Pain, Neurological Conditions, ASVD & More. It is a flower-only full extract oil derived from cannabis strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, Cotton Candy, GrandDaddy Purple, Purple Kush varieties, and others. Looking for a CBD Dominant oil? View our 1:3 CBD DOM Oil.

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Customer Reviews

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Fred Kean
Dear God

Best thing to sliced bread.

John Hatten
Worked amazing for me

I have been prescribed countless medications for my pain and my PTSD and they either barely work or come with lots of side effects. This on the other hand has done wonders for me. I will never touch another pill again.

Erlene Hancock

So much better than what ive had to get off the streets. Now i know exactly what im taking and works great!

Steven Mata
It works

I have been in a lot of pain since a back injury in 2007, I've tried everything from yoga to pills. The VA had me hooked on morphine for 5 years, this amazing medicine had me pain free from the first dose. Thank you.

Curtis Noon
Good customer support

Customer service was quick and responsive to any and all my concerns. Couldn't ask for better.
The syringe application is a bit tricky but other options were brought to my attention and I couldn't be more satisfied.