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What Is Cannabis Oil?
Cannabis Oil is a thick, sticky, fully extracted essential oil that has high concentrations of healing Cannabinoid compounds such as THC and CBD. King Harvest Oil (KHO) is extracted using only flowers from Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica plants. Cannabis Oil is made with essential oil extractions and obtained by separating the resins from Cannabis flowers. King Harvest uses an organic food grade ethanol extraction.

Cannabis Oil is extremely potent in comparison to Cannabis flowers. Cannabis Oil produced by amateurs often relies on unsafe extraction methods and use of toxic solvents that yield harmful medicines. Due to improper preparation, dispensary based medicines often have little to no curative compounds. Cannabis Oil obtained off the street should be avoided for any medical use - especially critical illnesses. It is always best to obtain your oil through direct physician referral and only use an oil maker who uses reputable third party laboratory testing service. We are dealing with populations who are critically ill, therefore the quality, cleanliness, and potency of our oil are vitally important.

Hope is the most precious substance of all. Ultra high quality Cannabis Oil can restore hope to a suffering family. Due to the responsibility and the ethics involved, an accurate representation of each oil is what determines your quality of care. It is imperative that any and all medical oil makers furnish complete laboratory testing with each medical batch. King Harvest Wellness prides ourselves in the level of quality inherent in our processes and preparations. We strive to not only meet, but exceed, any and all FDA imposed medical requirements.

High quality Cannabis Oil(s) can be used medicinally in a multitude of preparations, while effectively addressing and removing a wide variety of conditions. Cannabis Oil can be used orally, vaporized into the lungs, applied topically, or even made into a suppository. Cannabis Oils can also be combined with other topical oils, salves, and beauty treatments to improve potency and speed of delivery through external use.

Cannabis Oil also possesses antioxidant properties. This property makes Cannabis Oil useful in the treatment and prevention of a wide variety of diseases, including but not limited to: Cancer of all types and stages, neurological illnesses, ischemic disorders, and age-related inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Cannabis Oil is also an effective neuroprotectant for use in limiting neurological damage following a stroke or head trauma. It can also be profoundly effective in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and HIV dementia.

How it works
Cannabis and Cannabis Oil based medications are among the most exciting contributions to modern medical science in recent memory. It is safe, subtle, and non-invasive. The healing effects can be total. Scientific research now shows both CBD and THC Cannabinoid compounds are effective and safe for pain management. Furthermore, these Cannabinoid compounds are free of the dangers found with typical physical addiction. Cannabis itself is not a respiratory suppressant, so in large acute therapeutic doses, it is safer than most pharmacological medicines or supplements. The power of these natural Cannabinoid compounds comes from the stimulation of our body's own Endocannabinoid System. By reinvigorating or stimulating this natural living system, we can stimulate the body's ability to promote self-healing, to stave off disease, and to fight symptoms of age related illness. Our goal is to treat critical illness in a non invasive and holistic manner that focuses on the underlying cause of most critical illness diagnosis.

The recently discovered Endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in the body's physiological regulation, hormonal balance, psychological health, and most importantly, our body's ability to stave off age related illnesses. The body's ability to self regulate and maintain homeostasis is vital in the battle against cell mutations and disease. If we can gently and naturally restore the body's innate ability to self regulate, we effectively boost that same body's ability to remain disease-free. The discovery of brain receptors that respond favorably to Cannabinoids has led to the identification of numerous endogenous Cannabinoid compounds that naturally occur within the body. Understanding how our own human anatomy and physiology interrelate with Cannabinoids has led to gigantic conceptual leaps in our understanding of human physiology and the nature of disease itself.

It is a long established medical and scientific fact that many of the Cannabinoid compounds can help regulate and stimulate many of the physiological systems of the human body. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that trigger stimulation in our own naturally occurring Cannabinoid receptors. The true power of Cannabis Oil that it helps the body rid itself of disease by simply stimulating the Endocannabinoid system. There are numerous scientific studies that show how both THC and CBD compounds are legitimately therapeutic for a wide variety of conditions. It isn’t about THC or CBD alone, but rather the synergy of the compounds in the whole molecule that prove to be the most effective.

Diagnosis and Strain Specific
King Harvest prepares diagnosis specific protocols for each member based on a detailed discussion about the individual member’s current diagnosis and any other concurrent or related ailments. We provide our members with Cannabis Oil medicine sourced and prepared from genetically pure, healing strains that contain proven compound ratios known to be effective. We believe that quality medicine, like quality food or water, comes from acquiring the original source. Adhering to this belief, we grow, prepare, and dispense medicine that is derived from Cannabis strains selected for their genetic similarity to ancient healing varieties. We believe most curative compounds exist in nature and are not synthetically engineered or genetically modified in a laboratory. The Cannabis Oil protocols we provide our members are left in whole molecule form to allow for maximum healing effect, similar to the way natural and organic foods are prepared. All our raw materials and prepared medicines are batch tested by third party laboratories to ensure potency and purity. You can read more about our lab testing here here. Our personal experience teaches us that the closer the medicine is to its original source, the greater the power that medicine will have to heal.

Whole Molecule Cannabis Oil
Of over 100 compounds currently identified within most healing cannabis strains, we often hear about tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). As more powerful uses for cannabis continue to emerge, medical science will continue devoting resources and funding to research these powerful compounds. King Harvest makes and supports whole molecule medicine because it has proven to be safe, gentle, and the most effective for our members. We believe that the all natural and toxin-free whole molecule approach is the safest and most effective Cannabis Oil therapy currently available on the market.

As science relates to CBD, there has been extensive preclinical research done on behalf of the United States Government. The government sponsored research indicates that CBD is a potent neuroprotective antioxidant compound with proven and effective anti-tumoral, anti-spasmodic, anti-psychotic, and anti-convulsive properties. CBD also directly activates serotonin receptors, proving beneficial as an antidepressant. With such promising results over so many years, we have endeavored to create an arsenal of both acute and preventative CBD medications that can be used with or without the infusion of THC.

We acknowledge the power and effectiveness of both CBD and THC compounds. What we see within our own member populations is clear. Whole molecule medicines are more effective than medicines that would attempt to isolate any of the compounds from one another and break them apart. It is evident that the synergistic effect of these compounds working together is what will be the most powerful and most effective for a majority of diagnosis. We make strain specific critical illness medicines designed to treat many acute conditions, but we ultimately believe that the best way to cure a disease is to prevent it all together.

CBD and THC Synergy
Research suggests that CBD reduces cancer cell proliferation, invasion, and metastasis by inhibiting gene mutation expression. Further study shows that when combined with THC, the synergistic healing effects are profound. When CBD and THC are used together, the body seems to gain (or regain) the ability to treat the underlying illness while also purging mutated cells. These two mechanisms in combination are the foundational concept behind Cannabis Oil Therapy. By reestablishing the body's ability to maintain homeostasis, we are able to bring the body's physiology back in tune or harmony. Once we are back in balance, then our bodies are able to return to a pro-generate health building cycle. There isn’t a healthcare professional on the planet that would argue against naturally and safely maintaining physiological balance.

A great deal of research suggests that many of the problems we associate with aging stem from our own body's inability to protect itself from Free-Radical-induced inflammation and oxidative stress. The field of Anti-aging is fertile ground for testing these compounds in the centuries old fight against aging. Cardiovascular, autoimmune, neurological disorders, cancers, and the aging process are all thought to have free radicals as a causative agent. Cannabinoid compounds are known to act as a neurological sheath that gives the body additional strength under stress. By binding up these free radicals antioxidants we see many profound healing effects.

Neurological illness Research has shown the minimizing of plaque and calcification build up associated with neurodegenerative disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, A.L.S, or Parkinson’s disease. In Cancers and Oncological diagnoses, science shows CBD and THC compounds working together synergistically to prevent metastasis and simultaneously devour muted or cancerous cells in the blood, bone, tissue, and organs. The anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD compound address the underlying conditions that cause gene mutations. Restoration of homeostasis can often reverse the body’s decline and degeneration. Research also shows that the THC compounds will actually destroy and devour mutated cells, in many cases causing tumor death and even reversals of diagnosis.

Autoimmune Disorders, such as Hashimoto’s, Epstein-Barr syndrome, or Crohn’s disease, appear to improve by treating underlying physiology for inflammation. The stimulation of the underlying Endocannabinoid system gives the body back its ability to re-regulate each of its regulatory systems. By stimulating the EndoCannabinoid system, we are in turn stimulating and gently supporting our body’s own naturally occurring regulatory systems.

Psychiatric or Psychological Disorders, such as PTSD or Anxiety, seem to be improved by three main mechanisms. The first is restoring the body’s natural ability to sleep and rest naturally without the need for pharmaceutical medication. The second is to re-balance the body hormonally and electro-chemically. This whole system stimulation will include re-invigorating the body’s ability to naturally produce Dopamine, Serotonin, and other regulatory chemicals in the brain. The third mechanism of healing is regaining the ability to forget an event or trauma. A person’s ability to remember or recall is absolutely vital, but what is often overlooked in therapy is our ability to forget. The relief, safety, and space that one feels by not having to remember trauma is extremely healing. This allows one to control the rate at which they recall and thus allows them a personal sense of empowered recovery. As applied to PTSD, one's ability to rest and forget is essential for full recovery. Fighting depression, supporting undisturbed sleep, and restoring the ability to forget is life changing for most long term PTSD sufferers.

Age related illness is prevented through the prolonged support and stimulation of the Endocannabinoid system. Stimulation of this natural system supports all of the body’s physiological systems and does so on all fronts. By fighting oxidation and protecting us from free radicals, we are relieved of many degenerative physical symptoms associated with aging and age related illness. Like any instrument, the longer the body stays in tune, the longer it will remain free from decline.

There are many different theories regarding proper dosing of Cannabinoids and Cannabis Oil. Recent science has shown definitively that Cannabis Oil therapy works for treating critical illness, but at the same time, Cannabis Science is so new that standardized dosing models are not yet available. At King Harvest, we support a singular dosing edict: "The most responsible dosing for Cannabinoids is done one single milligram at a time." Every patient is as unique as their metabolism and it is therefore ill-advised to standardize dosing protocols until tolerance is established.

Only once tolerance is established, can a diagnosis specific dosing model be applied. Monitored gentle titration to the desired amount is the safest possible dosing method. Total daily intake is directly determined by the member’s diagnosis. Slow and safe titration is the best way to ensure success. A slow titration dosing model gives our members the greatest chance of completing the entire protocol. Completion of the entire diagnosis specific protocol is the greatest predictor of success.

Although entirely safe - ingesting too much Cannabis Oil can cause the sensation of feeling high or euphoric. This can be an unpleasant feeling for some and can cause one to become discouraged or even quit the therapy. Therefore, it is crucial for titration to be done carefully. By testing for tolerances and by developing a conservative dosing model unique to each member, we have been able to minimize side effects across the board and assure our members’ greatest chances of success.

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