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Speck Pack Tincture

At King Harvest, our goal is to provide patients with alternative options for managing their health, and we do this by encouraging the use of full-spectrum CBD oil. Our organic CBD tincture products offer a great way to promote natural homeostasis within your body and may help you overcome common ailments to live a happier, healthier life. Our Speck Pack Full Spectrum CBD Tincture offering includes three bottles of organic CBD tincture that have been designed and formulated for daily use. A great way to get started with a full cannabis protocol, each bottle offers unique benefits that, when combined, have the potential to improve your quality of life. Our Speck Pack of full spectrum CBD oil tincture uses coconut-infused CBD to deliver natural benefits and includes three 1oz bottles: Restore (300mg CBD in 1oz Bottle) Uplift (300mg THC Sativa in 1oz Bottle) Unwind (300mg THC Indica in 1oz Bottle) Full Spectrum CBD Tincture for Homeostasis When our bodies encounter external stress they work hard to achieve balance internally so that we can function normally and in a healthy manner. This process is called homeostasis, and studies show that CBD can help us achieve it. As CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) it can assist our bodies by reducing inflammation and creating a stronger balance to help us combat common external stresses. How Is CBD Extracted, and How Do YOU Extract the Benefits? Our full spectrum CBD oil tincture is extracted using supercritical CO2 technology which has become a popular and highly desirable extraction method in recent years. Heat and pressure are applied to the cannabis plants and CO2 extracts the natural oils within. Once it evaporates, all that is left is pure, unaltered CBD which is then used to create full spectrum CBD oil and organic CBD tincture products. How do you access the benefits yourself? Simple! Using the included droppers, simply drop the oil under your tongue, wait a minute or two, and it will absorb quickly into your system for expedited results.

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