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THC FECO Standard

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THC FECO (Standard)

King Harvest Indica THC Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) is a flower only oil consisting of Indica THC. Developed initially for severe and chronic pain management for hospice patients, the ultra potent, high THC Indica FECO is made using plant phenotype strains known to have positive effects on even the most aggressive cancers and degenerative neurological conditions. Indica THC Full Extract Cannabis Oil is effective for the relief of a broad range of symptoms, but is most widely used to stall or reverse some end stage cancers. It is a flower only full extract derived from cannabis strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, Cotton Candy, GrandDaddy Purple, and Purple Kush varieties.

THC FECO (standard)/g Oral
Sku #1012   This is our oral FECO THC product.