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Effects of the CBD and THC Ratios

It’s important to know the CBD:THC ratio and how it will affect your experience. Items such as vapes or oils are marked with this ratio so that you can make informed decisions about what you consume. Read this to learn more.
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Featured CBD Wellness Products

Restore Pet – CBD Tincture with Coconut Oil

Green Emu Restore

Restore CBD Gummies – 12 pieces


CBD FECO Standard

Restore – CBD tincture with Coconut Oil

Featured Gummies

Synergy PM Gummies

Uplift THC Gummies – 12 pieces

Restore CBD Gummies – 12 pieces

Synergy – CBD Infused Gummies | 12 pieces

Unwind Gummies

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Your Well-Being Is Our Priority

King Harvest Wellness is a California-based collective that is dedicated to providing patients with safe, lab-tested, whole molecule medical Grade CBD & THC cannabis oil medication(s) for sale. We offer diagnosis-specific cannabis oil protocols with a holistic approach to healing that is designed to complement Western medicine and related therapies.

Learn About Cannabis Medicine

Many people contact us without any knowledge at all of how FECO Oil and its wonderful healing Cannabinoid compounds (CBD and THC) work. Throughout our Cannabis Oil Medicine section online, you can learn all the essentials (and more) to inform and educate you about this powerful, ancient medicine.

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Our CBD Wellness Products
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Why Our Medical Grade Cannabis Oil Products Work

King Harvest FECO Oil products are derived only from Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica flowers, not hemp. Our Cannabis Oil is extracted using organic food-grade ethanol, resulting in safe, yet extremely potent medicines that are lab-tested for quality, strength, and efficacy.

Our CBD Wellness products are useful in the treatment and prevention of a wide variety of diseases, including cancer, neurological conditions, ischemic disorders, age-related inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and myriad other health conditions.

If you’re not sure if cannabis oil products are right for you, please call our patient care consultants at (877) 469-4584 for a free consultation. We’ll help to inform you of the ideal solution to help you or your loved one find relief, hope, and healing.

  • Comprehensive Care Protocols
  • Whole Molecule Organic Extraction
  • Assigned Dosing Specialists
  • From Farm To Patient
  • Strain-Specific Medicine
  • Flower Only Medicine

Newest CBD Wellness Products

Uplift Pet- Sativa THC Tincture

Unwind Pet – Indica THC Tincture

Synergy PM Pet Tincture

Synergy Pet – CBD/THC Tincture

Restore Pet – CBD Tincture with Coconut Oil

Founder Edition Tincture

Unwind Bundle

Pacify 3:1 Tincture

Revive 1:3 Tincture

Synergy PM Pod

Synergy Pod

Unwind Pod


This is my lifeline, it is the only thing I have found thus far that touches my chronic back pain and fibromyalgia. Thanks So Much!!!

Yvonne King

Great product

John Touchton

My son has been on this for nearly 1 year for epilepsy after a TBI. His doctor wrote him a script for medical use and referred us to King Harvest.

Rhonda Shannon

I heard about this product thru a friend and it has helped several people with cancer and pain. My father is terminally ill with cancer and I am a true

Gail Mizobe

This product is smooth, I didn’t have a huge transition moment where I felt super altered. Thank you Lee & Bridget for selecting such great cultivars for UPLIFT & UNWIND.

Jim J

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