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Synergy Tincture

Synergy is an organic coconut oil based infusion with equal parts THC Sativa and Cannabinol (CBD) flowers.

  • King Harvest Synergy is a blend of Uplift and Restore
  • Antidepressant and pain reliever
  • Anti-inflammatory effects of pure CBD with the added benefit of pain relief and increased energy
  • Front line product in the movement toward whole body wellness and critical illness prevention
  • Designed to stimulate our body’s own existing Endocannabinoid system
  • CBD in conjunction with THC create a combined reaction known as the Entourage Effect

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L Bowen
This is a Godsend!

I have been using the oil now for approximately two weeks. I have gastroparesis and pain and nausea for that as well as knee pain. My doctor recommended King Harvest to me. I'm so glad she did! Since I started on it, I have already come off my pain and nausea meds. This oil has given me a better life and for that I'm extremely grateful.

Todd L
Synergy - perfect name

for a nice, mellow medication experience. It helps with pain, focused thought, and general well-being vibes. I highly recommend it.

Jo Holloway

I’m satisfied with this product just wished the bottles were easier to open

Scott Hackett

Synergy Tincture

Not all THC Tinctures are Created Equal

This Synergy Tincture has improved my symptoms and, over time, alleviated a lot of my inflammation.
My doctor wrote me a prescription for THC as a combination therapy with other medications for my tendinitis, arthritis and PTSD. Given my previous experiences with tinctures, I was not surprised my doctor only recommended two companies.
*Sleeplessness has become a concern. So, I will try substituting the PM version of Synergy Tinctures as needed.