K-9 Canna Cookies (Indica)

King Harvest K-9 Canna Cookies are engineered to give your dog access to the advantages of a finely calibrated dosage of Indica THC. The precise quantities of cannabinoids in each treat are intended to provide a therapeutic dosage without being overpowering or intoxicating. These scrumptious canna cookies support pain management and reduce inflammation, stress, anxiety, and depression.
Each K-9 Canna Cookie contains:
-Sweet potato
-Peanut butter
-Oat flour
-Indica oil from cannabis flower
-10 mgs Indica THC
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lex + Larry

Larry loves these and they've been helping him stay relaxed. Thank you King Harvest!

suzanne laytham
Amazing results

Storms, fireworks, guns scare my girl to death.
Thus helped my 65 lb pup to rest much easier without the trembling

Richard Ray
Rocco Treats

My dog buddy really likes the K9 Canna Cookies and he seems more relaxed after eating them. No side effects or anything and he loves them!

Patrick Hedglin
Great treats

They were great treats my big dog is real skidish in storms and with these she a lot less scared.

Barbara Stowe
Canna cookies (indica

I have two dogs (shih Tzu) one is epileptic and the other is a senior who suffers with arthritis and was in severe pain. I thought about euthanizing her because nothing was working and I didn't want a vet drugging her up. K-9 Canna cookies (indica ) was the answer. It took her pain away plus I have the seizures under control with my other dog. I'm so grateful. All it takes is a portion of the cookie to Medicate my fur babies..