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Paige Hendrix

My name is Paige, I suffer from Cyclic vomiting syndrome, extreme gastroparesis, and multiple severe spinal injuries. I use the King Harvest 3:1 FECO and the FECO high test. With my issues, I usually have no appetite and when I *do* eat, I swell/bloat large enough to rip out my belly ring and I wind up looking like I’m about to give birth. With the FECO, I’m able to eat more than just a bite or 2, the swelling is tremendously less noticeable and the act of eating doesn’t put me in excruciating pain. Since I’ve started using it I’ve even been able to gain about 13 pounds, which may not seem like much – but if I lose 47 more pounds, I have to go into a feeding tube. The King Harvest products are giving me back a small quality of life, and I can’t be more thankful. You guys have made an enormous difference in my life with just 2 syringes, and I am so happy my doctor gave me your information.

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