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Uplift Tincture

King Harvest Uplift tincture is a coconut oil infused Cannabis Sativa THC rich therapy that can be used for a wide array of symptoms and diagnoses.

  • Pain relief, focus, and positivity
  • 100% organic, flower only Sativa
  • Increased mental focus, critical thinking skills, energy, and positivity
  • Energizing without the downside of feeling sedated or unnecessarily high
  • Excellent physical therapy and rehabilitation oil
  • Recommended to be used as the daytime component to our critical illness support packages for those who wish to remain working while they are undergoing treatment

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Customer Reviews

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Nikki Holloway
Great for daily use

Keeps me going after 3 back surgeries along with an autoimmune disorder.

Todd L
So glad I tried this

I have tried similar tinctures from different places, but King Harvest seems to be, (by far I might add), the best. I have Fibromyalgia and Bipolar Disorder II. Uplift Tincture is great for improving my mood, and I don't have to use very much...i.e. I don't need to be stoned. Uplift Tincture is very good for pain. I often use CBD with Uplift Tincture when my Fibro pain is really bad. Because of this, I am no longer taking pain pills. Not taking pain pills is a HUGE deal for me, because I have a tendency to get addicted to them. I am so thankful to have found King Harvest. Sincerely. A wonderful product!

Larry Jackson
King Harvest gave my back my life

I want to personally thank King Harvest and its staff for giving me back my life. I have been dealing with chronic pain for many many years. The oils that I use now, Uplift 2x gives me the extra boost I need to get thru my days pain-free with more mobility than I have had in a long time. I can now enjoy more time spent playing with my son instead of hurting on the couch.

Staci Harrison
Helps with my pain

I love my Uplift oil! It helps me with pain. I am able to function normally. It helps my anxiety too.