Q&A Video from King Harvest: Fibromyalgia

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Q: My Fibromyalgia makes it difficult for me to sleep, but I’m always tired. Can cannabis give me energy and help me sleep?
A: Absolutely. So, Indica based cannabis oil at night will give you the ability to go back and get a full night’s sleep. The King Harvest Unwind bottle, 300 milligrams of Indica based cannabinoids, taken one hour before bed, that will give you a proper 6-8 night’s sleep where you’ll be able to get right back to sleep if you wake up and you’ll be able to wake up refreshed. So, once you have proper, restorative sleep, you’re going to have better energy. During the day, you may still be in pain. What we want to do is we want to also incorporate King Harvest Uplift, Sativa infused coconut oils. Indica at night will help you to sleep. Sativa oil during the day will get you out of pain, will give you a little bit of energy and will clear you cognitively so you can go about your day. The third part of that regiment is going to be the CBD Restore bottle, also from King Harvest. Small doses of this throughout the day is going to knock out your system wide inflammation and is the reason why you’re in pain in the first place. So we want to re-regulate your body’s homeostatic abilities and get you out of pain with the THC, but we want to fix you with King Harvest based CBD Restore.

Q: If someone has chronic pain with their Fibromyalgia and they’ve gotten used to the pain, but really want to treat it, will CBD oil help that?
A: Absolutely. So there are a couple of different kinds of pain. There’s acute pain and then there’s inflammatory deep muscle or bone pain. So the CBD is going to address the deeper pain, THC in low doses, they’re going to address the topical, more acute sharper pains. Similar to acetaminophen would address a cut and ibuprofen would address a sprain or a break or that kind of thing. Absolutely, CBD with low doses of THC can improve your pain and deal with your symptoms, even get on top of them, without needing to be high or sedated and you can still go about your day.

Q: If someone has, what they call the Fibro Fog, concentration and memory issues, can cannabis help with that?
A: Cannabis oil can help with that, specifically CBD based full extract medicines from the ACDC strain will knock down that brain fog, it will restore cognitive ability. It’s a misnomer to say that cannabis is going to make you stoned or get you high if you use it recreationally and use it in the same old method, then sure. But King Harvest, we make medicines that are strain specific, they’re designed to not get you high. They’re designed to knock down your inflammation, ease your symptoms, and get you better.

Q: If someone is experiencing a lot of numbness and tingling from the Fibromyalgia, will that be helped with cannabis oil?
A: Absolutely. I, myself, I have numbness and tingling, it’s called bilateral numbness. I also have neuropathy from a pre-diabetic condition called hashimotos with my thyroid. Much of those symptoms are eased overtime as I take larger amounts of CBD oil. I notice that the inflammation is knocking down the underlining cause of my symptoms and it will be a few months until I am completely returned.

Q: If someone is taking a lot of medication for their Fibromyalgia and they want to get off their medication, is cannabis oil a protocol that will replace those medications?
A: It is. In fact, it is the best idea that any inflammatory or autoimmune disorder patient has. The simple truth is that pharmacology and pharmaceuticals mask our symptoms and give us the ability to make us look like we’re healthy for a period of time, so everything goes haywire. Case in point, a medication like prednisone, right? It’ll keep people, the steroids will keep people appearing younger while they’re masking the symptoms, but underneath everything is going haywire and going far worse. Once it stops working, there really are no options for the patient at that point and then they have to go to heavy duty morphine based medications. If the patient of Fibromyalgia or autoimmune patient takes cannabis oil medicine, specifically properly made organic whole molecule King Harvest medicine, there is a very good chance that you’re going to not only feel better, but we can reverse the underlying degeneration and get you back, reset you to the younger version of yourself where you were more flexible and out of pain.