Confessions of a Dosing Specialist: Mesothelioma

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

**Disclaimer: names and details have been altered to protect the privacy of the individuals, in this entry and in the comments section below.

Hello, internet! Today, I want to talk about Jerry, a very special patient who I have been dosing since July.

Jerry is a man in his mid 70s and is described by those he is close to as a kind, charismatic, and generous man who is currently living with his wife, Jessica. Jerry and Jessica had recently remarried a couple years before Jerry’s diagnosis. Jessica had recently left an unhappy, abusive marriage. Jessica describes Jerry as her knight in shining armor who showed her a love and compassion that no one ever had when she wasn’t even looking. Jessica and Jerry started their marriage on a wonderful note on a road to a fresh start and a new life.

Unfortunately, their lives took a major turn when Jerry’s daughter, Colleen, was suddenly diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of brain cancer. Colleen went through multiple chemo treatments for a period of several months, but ultimately, she lost her battle with cancer and her heartbroken family ended up laying her body to rest. To make matters worse, Jerry started suffering from intense pains in his body, particularly his back. He began seeing various specialists and with Jessica’s intervention, he ended up getting referred to an oncologist and much to his shock and horror, he was diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Jerry was a heavy smoker all of his life, but even with that, Jerry was completely surprised and caught off guard with such a rare diagnosis. Stricken with grief and hardly able to function, Jessica took over the reins in finding treatment for Jerry. She was able to get in touch with the best oncologist in the state. The doctors recommended a very intensive form of chemo. Jessica, who recently witnessed the slow and painful death of her stepdaughter, knew from first-hand experience the toll that chemo takes on the body. Jerry was given a 3% chance of survival with this type of chemo. Jessica could not bear to lose another loved one after finally finding her soulmate. She began doing research online and stumbled upon cannabis oil.

Through a google search, Jessica stumbled upon the King Harvest website and Jerry was given a speck pack and 60 grams of 1:1 FECO . Initially, Jerry was very skeptical of trying cannabis oil. He comes from a very conservative background and did not have any experience with cannabis. However, Jessica convinced him to give it a try. She told him that it couldn’t hurt and at that point and they were desperate to do anything to fight for his life. Throughout the dosing process, Jessica was my point of contact. I rarely had any direct communication with Jerry because the poor man was always too exhausted from chemo. Jessica, herself, had a lot of issues happening in her personal life. She has a son with autism who resides with her and Jerry has another son who is currently homeless and schizophrenic. In addition, she was caring for her elderly mother. However, despite her personal heartache, what amazes me about Jessica is her warmth, positivity, and optimism. Typical of a Sagittarius! I’m an astrologer and Jessica has always had a fascination with astrology, so we bonded over our shared interests. Every time Jessica and I would talk, she would tell me about all the miracles she has experienced and how recognizing them has helped her live a rich, fulfilling life.

Jessica openly spoke to Jerry’s doctors about the cannabis oil protocol they were doing and their response would either be to simply brush her off or to tell her that what she was doing was useless and a waste of her time. Jerry did very well with his medicine overall. There were times where he felt very sleepy from taking the FECO at night as well as the general weakness after his chemo treatments, but the oil definitely helped him to recover much quicker. At one point, the doctors told Jerry and Jessica they wanted to remove one of Jerry’s lungs and diaphragm. Because of Jerry’s age, this was obviously a very risky surgery. Fortunately, he was able to fight through the chemo and has both of his lungs and diaphragm still in place. One day, Jessica called me and gave me the happy news that Jerry was in full remission! I cried and cried and cried when I heard this news. We all knew what had really helped Jerry and this particular experience put my life and my career and everything I do into such a different type of perspective.

To have the privilege of assisting someone in saving their life with cannabis oil is beyond words. I never envisioned this type of experience for myself, but it is an honor that I simply cannot describe. I’ve seen many other cancer patients go into remission, but Jerry’s case is one that is so special to my heart because it proves to me that miracles happen every day. Jerry is currently taking a maintenance dose every day to ensure that his cancer stays in remission and he and Jessica have been enjoying their time together. After several months of Jerry suffering from the excruciating side effects of chemotherapy, they have even been able to go on romantic getaways together. This journey has not been easy for them, but they are on their way to happier days.

My biggest hope for people who come into the world of alternative treatment is that they keep an open mind and look out for the miracles. Keep your eyes on the prize as you are actively working toward a goal. Think of the joy of what life could be like if you were in perfect health and hold that image in your mind. The universe can’t help but bring what you think about into your existence. That is the law of attraction. Take some time today to think about everything you love and ask the universe for a sign on what actions to take to get you closer to what you love. Thanksgiving is coming up and now is an excellent time to sit down and think about everything that you are grateful for.

Life is short, but it is also so precious and beautiful. Enjoy it!!!