Q&A Video from King Harvest: Bipolar

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Q: If someone is currently taking antianxiety and anticonvulsant medication, is it okay to use cannabis oil along with that?
A: Absolutely. With Bipolar condition we can see ourselves being manic, we can see ourselves being depressive. Antianxiety medicines have their play, anticonvulsant medications also kind of broach into the realm into the antipsychotics. Cannabis oil and cannabis oil medications will not contraindicate with any of your pharmaceuticals. What we want to do is, we want to stabilize you on cannabis oils and cannabis oil medications so that we can then go back to your physician and seek to lower your Western pharmaceutical medication. We only want to put you on as much medicine, as little amount of medicine as possible, because what we’re trying to do is make you the best version of yourself without any flat affect or taking away any of the joy from your life.

Q: If someone has Bipolar Type 1 and they need something to control their mania episodes, will cannabis oil help with that?
A: Absolutely. We here at King Harvest (kingharvest.org) make strain specific medicines for symptoms and disorders. If somebody is manic, obviously they’re running too quickly. Think about it like a car with an accelerator pedal, too much gas. Somebody who is manic needs a little bit more of the brake pedal. The brake pedal, when it comes to cannabis oil, comes in the form of Indica extractions and Indica family based medicines. Orally ingested indica based King Harvest medicines will slow a patient down, gently slow them down without impairing them, and it will knock the edge off the manic episode without taking away the enjoyment of said manic episode.
I myself am Bipolar, I’m creative, I’m an inventor. It’s very important to me that I don’t lose the qualities of my personality in the pharmacology that I have to take.

Q: If someone is Bipolar Type 2 and they need help with their depression and suicidality, will cannabis oil help with that? 
A: Also yes. Bipolar Type 2, opposite to Bipolar Type 1, we want to speed somebody up. They are depressive, they are slow, their body’s brain function and glandular abilities are not making the essential oils that would regulate their mood, regulate their emotions, regulate their energy levels, so on and so forth. So, if somebody is depressive, we want to put them on a medicine that is based on the Sativa families of medicines which are energizing, uplifting. That’s why we use kingharvest.org’s Uplift, Sativa based medicine, which has an organic, coconut oil infusion. A medicine like this, in a very low dose, will get you out of your depression during the day. Get you to work, get you out, make you want to take a walk. But at the same time, there are a lot of positive attributes to the way you feel when you’re Bipolar and it doesn’t take your flat affect away or the highs and the lows. It just makes it so they’re manageable and it makes it so they don’t take so much out of you.
For instance, you won’t need to sleep for three days or you won’t be unable to sleep for three days. Myself, I have episodes like that a few times a month and now we can see them coming, we can regulate them and learn to work with them to increase productivity across the board.

Q: If someone is taking Lithium for their Bipolar Disorder will the cannabis oil replace the Lithium?
A: It sure can! Absolutely it can. And as an example Lithium, or SSRIs, different types of antipsychotics, Tegretol is another big bad one, where you see psychological medications start to control physical symptoms. The Lithium will take away your affect, it will make you a slightly different version of yourself like most pharmaceuticals. So, if we can give you a natural compound that is going to regulate all that without removing you from being you. It’s going to regulate your mood swings, it’s going to regulate your pain, it’s going to regulate your energy and allow you to control it on an hour by hour basis through your day so you can medicate accordingly, whereas pharmacology is going to create a flat affect, it’s going to knock a lot of the lows and the highs out. And, to me, as a Bipolar patient, that really takes away a lot of my quality of life. I wouldn’t stay up all night writing songs or I wouldn’t need to paint that picture. And it’s really important to me that I retain that kind of stuff in my personality.

Q: How do we get these medicines? 
A: All we need to do is visit King Harvest (kingharvest.org). Bridget and I are happy to help you anytime. Give us a call at 877-469-4584. Either us or our caregivers will be there to educate you, answer your questions without cost or obligation. We’re happy to help, we just want to make sure that everyone gets the right education and the right medicine they need.