How Does Cannabis Kill Cancer: The Entourage Effect and Apoptosis

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Can Cannabis Kill Cancer?

Cancer is a disease in which infected cells reproduce rapidly without dying. This cell growth causes many problems including damaging surrounding tissue and tumor growth. Malignant cells do not die a ‘scheduled’ death like healthy cells, instead, they multiply and spread. Several cannabinoids such as THC and CBD have been shown to induce apoptosis in malignant cells by acting on the cannabinoid receptors. CB2 receptors are cannabinoid receptors expressed predominantly in immune cells and can help cannabis kill cancer.

How Does Cancer Spread?

As a disease borne from cell mutations, cancer is spread as mutated or unhealthy cells begin to replicate and the body no longer kills them naturally. These mutations are borne from extensive inflammation where cells are distended and stretched out eventually confusing the body’s ability to know the difference between these good and bad cells. 

Because the mutated cells themselves do not have a normal and healthy pre-programmed schedule for “cell death” these cells go on to replicate, multiply, and spread. This quite often results in a tumor or systemic malignancy, a formal diagnosis of “cancer.”

How Can Cannabis Kill Cancer?

Cannabis (and Cannabis oil) contain several specific compounds that are shown to have direct and meaningful effects to help cannabis kill cancer. When isolated and studied alone CBD and THC are known to work on inflammatory cell mutation which is where cancer begins. Further study shows that stimulating a patient’s CB1 and CB2 receptors can restore the body’s ability to produce perfect cells again and destroy the existing cancer cells (system-wide) throughout the rest of the body. 

Can CBD Kill Cancer?

CBD is a natural plant steroid with an immunosuppressant characteristic that lowers inflammation. When taken in larger amounts Cannabidiol (from the ACDC cannabis plant at 18:1 CBD/THC ratio) has the potential to can help cannabis kill cancer. This is accomplished by the significant shrinking the cellular manufacturing blueprint during cell replication and allowing body to begin making perfect or “healthy” cells again. 

Can THC Kill Cancer?

THC taken in large amounts (600mg plus per day) can cause the body to begin destroying the existing mutated cells can help cannabis kill cancer and often leads to a phenomenon called “Apoptosis” or “Cellular Apoptosis.” During apoptosis, system-wide mutated cell death occurs and can lead to the patient achieving the status of “NED” (no evidence of original diagnosis or disease). 

How Does the Entourage Effect of Cannabis Kill Cancer?

The spontaneous destruction of mutated or cancerous cells combined with the restoration of healthy cell production produces something referred to as the “Entourage Effect” and can help cannabis kill cancer. Studies have shown that the destruction of cancerous cells and restoration of healthy cells is achievable in about 63% of patients (63 out of every 100) suffering from late-stage cancer.

63% of patients reversed the cancer entirely (NED) or reduced the cancer to chronic but no longer life-threatening. These success rates tend to continually rise when additional strategic combinations of naturopathic treatments increase (such as diet changes and targeted cannabinoids).

Can Cannabis kill cancer in it’s late stages? When it comes to late-stage cancer, 63 out of 100 reversed is a pretty fabulous success rate. It only seems fair (and quite sane) to consider cannabis in combination with Western medicine and therapies.


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– Lee Simpson 


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