Sativa Flower

The staff at King Harvest Wellness is committed to offering only the highest-quality sativa cannabis flower. The amount of cannabinoids and terpenes in the sativa flower is a major factor in the sativa high. In contrast to the calming, mellow impact of Indica, these cannabinoids and terpenes contribute to an energetic and uplifting high. Sativa is a fantastic choice for daytime use due to its positive benefits on focus and memory. It can also alleviate other symptoms like fatigue, depression, headaches, among others. Users frequently experience a burst of energy from Sativa cannabis while still feeling light on the body. We take great satisfaction in our top-shelf Sativa medical cannabis flower collection, which has been cultivated in accordance with the strictest growing standards in California. All of our flower products are organically and locally grown and independently verified for premium purity.      

Disclaimer: If the selected strain is unavailable at the time its processed, King Harvest will replace it with the next appropriate strain.


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