CBD Flower

At King Harvest Wellness, we are proud to present a flower which is naturally high in CBD and low in THC. If you’ve ever experienced any kind of discomfort, you’ve probably tried a variety of treatments. You may have even thought about trying cannabis, however the psychoactive properties of THC can occasionally make people feel more anxious. King Harvest CBD flower is the ideal choice for you if you want to avoid becoming “high” or intoxicated. Many of our patients love CBD for the emotional calming effects and gentle mood uplift. Some patients are very sensitive and don’t want the physical high, whereas some enjoy the emotional effect of CBD and its anti-inflammatory qualities. If you are looking to feel focused, relaxed, and energized then CBD flower is for you!  We take great satisfaction in our top-shelf CBD medical cannabis flower collection, which has been cultivated in accordance with the strictest growing standards in California. All of our flower products are organically and locally grown and independently verified for premium purity.

Disclaimer: If the selected strain is unavailable at the time its processed, King Harvest will replace it with the next appropriate strain.


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