ACDC Strain CBD Pre-Roll

King Harvest’s pre-rolls are filled only with our ultra-potent organic cannabis flower. Each joint is crutched (filtered) and rolled skillfully by hand for superior air flow and no blockages. We offer three different seasonal flavors with potency options to suit your particular needs. As always, all King Harvest products are flower-only, 100% organic, lab-tested, and strain specific.


ACDC is King Harvest’s favorite CBD dominant strain. It is also the cornerstone for many of the King Harvest CBD healing products. This strain creates little or no intoxicating effects. Many of our patients love it for the emotional high & lift. Some patients are very sensitive and don’t want the physical high, whereas some enjoy the emotional effect and it’s anti-inflammatory quality. Either way, ACDC offers patients a way to flexibly increase CBD absorption without the strong physically intoxicating effects. Our medical marijuana patients enjoy this for relief of many types physical or emotional discomfort. ACDC is a great place to begin if you’re starting slow or are new to cannabis medicine.

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