Alkalizing Diet with Cannabis Oil

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Alkalizing Diet with Cannabis Oil

When it comes to healthy living and lifestyle, we often hear the repeated phrase “food is medicine.” Diet is indeed one of the best ways to combat the onset of inflammation and illness in our bodies– remaining healthy to prevent illness rather than cure it. But what happens when inflammation is out of control and a diagnosis has set in? How do we fight acute illness in a meaningful way that will really have a quick and powerful effect? By getting rid of acid with an alkaline diet and cannabis oil.

What does an Alkalizing Diet with Cannabis Oil Do?

An Alkaline diet will lower the acidic nature of our body’s pH when it has gotten too far out of balance. Critical illnesses like cancers or auto-immune diseases all have their roots in inflammation caused by an acidic environment. It stands to reason that if we can change the environment in which a disease is thriving, then we can quite often eliminate the disease as well. 

Is an Alkalizing Diet with Cannabis Oil Good for Me?

Most modern and processed food is acid or acidifying which produces the ideal environment for cancer and inflammatory illness. Over time we see health issues begin when the body struggles to regulate internal pH in the blood and other systems. This excess of acid (metabolic acidosis) is the underlying culprit of a disease-propagating environment. As the body loses its ability to self-regulate we see the beginnings of inflammation running out of control – eventually leading to a formal diagnosis.

There are countless diagnoses and ways to formally define these illnesses. But in truth, all systemic disease stems from inflammation borne in an acidic environment. In many cases, if we can get rid of the acidic environment we can get rid of the disease.

One of the most meaningful ways to treat any disease or underlying issue is through an alkaline diet. With an alkaline diet, we can treat any illness from the ground up.

Is Cannabis Oil Alkalizing?

Looking for a “SuperFood” source that will stimulate the body’s own healing pathways and alkalize with a concentration of plant chlorophylls? One that’s packed with natural plant steroids (CBD) and anti-cancerous compounds like THC? Cannabis oils have an entire regulatory system designed to help it specifically manage inflammation, aging, and illness

What are the Alkalizing Effects of Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil has several different names and acronyms like “RSO” or “FECO” and comes in varying degrees of quality. In the end, the alkalizing effects of cannabis oil describe a fairly simple concept of ingesting large concentrated amounts of the plant chlorophyll and cannabinoids that directly combat the inflammatory environment as well as destroy any mutated cells that have already begun to gather together causing cancer. 

By using cannabis oil we see the ability to cause or introduce the “entourage effect in patients during which the body begins to manufacture healthy cells again after having been introduced to what healthy (not inflamed) cells look like. 

Patients experiencing “miracles” or success in this process always practice two things–

  1. Ingest large amounts of cannabinoids specific to their diagnosis and symptoms.
  2. Introduction of an alkaline diet and lifestyle

These things aren’t easy – but they don’t need to be made more complex than they are. Alkaline diets and medical cannabinoids are probably two of the best decisions anyone can make to help prevent/ overcome critical illness hands down.

Alkalizing Diet and Cannabis Oil

Alkalized Cannabis Oil Dosing

Choosing the right cannabis oil strain involves considering the specific type of pain, the desired effects, and the individual’s lifestyle and needs. Through our free consultations, our expert dosing specialists help patients tailor their cannabis use to manage inflammation and medical conditions such as MS and chronic pain throughout the day and night.

King Harvest Wellness creates unique and custom dosing plans for each patient based on their particular condition, situation, and overall goals. Some patients seek pain relief while others seek improved mood and mental clarity. Whatever the goal, we have been dealing with this for over a decade and we have the experience you seeking.

Our goal is to educate and empower our patients so that they are comfortable and empowered in the healing process. If a patient feels calm and in command, they are very likely going to heal and improve.

Explore our selection of high-quality alkalizing cannabis oil and find the right solution to help you regain control over your health.

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