CBD/THC Synergy PM Tincture

Synergy PM is an organic coconut oil based infusion with equal parts THC Indica and Cannabinol (CBD) flowers. King Harvest Synergy is a blend of Unwind and Restore Anti-anxiety and pain reliever Anti-inflammatory effects of pure CBD with the added benefit of pain relief and increased relaxation Front line product in the movement toward whole body wellness and critical illness prevention Designed to stimulate our body’s own existing Endocannabinoid system CBD in conjunction with THC when used together create a combined reaction known as the Entourage Effect

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Customer Reviews

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Carlton Thorne

Two orders ago, I received a very strong CBC order. I would like to get another bottle like that one. This bottle helps me sleep and relax. I only use it at bedtime.

James Daniel
Getting used to King Harvest Synergy PM

It’s getting easier and a little more effective uninh the oil.

Virginia Holyoak
Hope’s Relief

King Harvest Synergy has provided comfort to our old 14 year old pup, Hope, who has a growth on her urethra. It has helped us keep her comfortable.

Dena Brice
Not for me

It was great for a few days but the day time tiredness was too much for me. Even after just using 1or 2 drops!