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What our clients are saying

This is my lifeline, it is the only thing I have found thus far that touches my chronic back pain and fibromyalgia. Thanks So Much!!!

Yvonne King

Great product

John Touchton

My son has been on this for nearly 1 year for epilepsy after a TBI. His doctor wrote him a script for medical use and referred us to King Harvest. King Harvest worked with us to find the correct dosage. It has reduced his seizures from 3-4 x weekly to having a seizure only every 3-4 months. This is a blessing and a GOD Send for us! He uses the SATIVA once daily in the morning and the INDICA ( both 3 to 1) at night so he can sleep. It has also reduced his depression considerably.

Rhonda Shannon

I heard about this product thru a friend and it has helped several people with cancer and pain. My father is terminally ill with cancer and I am a true believer that this product will help him.

Gail Mizobe

This product is smooth, I didn’t have a huge transition moment where I felt super altered. Thank you Lee & Bridget for selecting such great cultivars for UPLIFT & UNWIND. I’d like to highlight that the cultivars you chose have excellent…manners! Do you know what I mean? These amazing gummies took me on pleasant rides. But then the real work could happen! I applied my first ever full-spectrum CBD salve on a chronically sore back and neck. The gummies took the edge off enough to allow me to deeply stretch for the first time in over a year. Thank you Lee and Bridget for your incredible attention to detail.

Jim J

This product works great for me because I have a low tolerance for THC. I suffer from FMS since the early ’90s and pain killers only put me to sleep to only wake up to the same pain and drowsiness. This product taken after 8 pm removes my pain, helps me sleep through the night, and wake up able to focus and work. I also do not grind in my sleep as much and I’m doing it less and less. I also stretch and sit in positions I could not before because of hip pain. One pull and I feel it moving through my veins. It seems to have removed some of the inflammation. The only issue I’ve noticed is when it is wearing off I get a headache. My medical specialist says to just take more and the headache will go away but I don’t want to get hooked on it. I only want it for pain. Maybe I should be hooked because it is the only relief I’ve had in over 20 years after retiring from the military. I’m happy there is finally something that works! Thank you king harvest!

Mizz J

After years and years of searching for severe nephropathy relief, our physician recommended this product. It doesn’t stop all the pain but the amount of relief I am getting is amazing. My wife and I are able to do things we haven’t been able to in years. Highly recommended.

Marty Higgins

King Harvest has helped me so much with advice, great service, and an awesome product. Thanks, guys especially my guy S.C.

Cliff Royal

Based on 110 reviews
Unwind Tincture
Martha Stycos
Pain Relief and Anxiety Relief

I have osteoarthritis, chronic back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, and crippling anxiety among other things and the unwind products are awesome. I get a lot of relief from the medical 3x strength.

Uplift Gummies - 12 pieces
Richard Abramson
Uplift Gummies

The Uplift Gummies were very helpful in quieting my cough from Covid and improving my malaise. The positive effect lasts take effect relatively quickly and last for many hours. The gummies taste very good. Lee Simpson (Owner) and Jeff Stanley (Partner) were extremely helpful in guiding me with their excellent advice. Both gentlemen are incredibly kind, helpful, responsive, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. Their patient and thorough phone and text communication skills and their clinical information are superb. They expedited the delivery of my medication via FedEx next day service.
I also give 5 stars to their CBD salve, CBD Chocolate, and their CBD:THC tincture that I used for my knee injury. The topical and oral medications significantly helped to lessen the pain and hasten the healing of my injury. King Harvest is a first class, top shelf Cannabis education and product delivery company. Their premiere products are thoroughly and meticulously laboratory tested and are of the highest possible quality. I give their products and customer service my highest possible recommendation without reservation.
Richard Abramson MD


I need shipment suspended after Thursday until further notice. Thanks 😊

Unwind Tincture
Howard Beck

Unwind Tincture

Uplift Tincture
Nikki Holloway
Great for daily use

Keeps me going after 3 back surgeries along with an autoimmune disorder.

1:1 FECO
Fighting cancer
Tastes bad, won’t cancel subscription

I hold my nose and take it for sleep & pain. Doesn’t do much for pain. Takes a very long time for me to fall asleep. I expected it would kick in sooner. But the worst thing is it tastes terrible. And it makes me super sleepy the next day. I write to cancel the subscription but it just keeps coming.

Unwind Vape Cartridge
Life Saver

This has saved my life, I have been able to stop certain medications given by the VA. This not only helps with my pain but I have a great nights rest.

An excellent choice

Best edibles I’ve ever had. A bit pricey but worth every penny. Helped me with migraines, digestive issues and sleep. I feel better with these than anything else I’ve tried. I’m grateful for King Harvest, and the Unwind gummies are excellent and something I’ll come back to.

Calming, relaxing.

Unwind is great pain relief. Set my pain down to a manageable level... So happy I found King Harvest


Use this for sleep and pain sleep 7 to 8 hours

This is a Godsend!

I have been using the oil now for approximately two weeks. I have gastroparesis and pain and nausea for that as well as knee pain. My doctor recommended King Harvest to me. I'm so glad she did! Since I started on it, I have already come off my pain and nausea meds. This oil has given me a better life and for that I'm extremely grateful.

Chocolate CBD Bar
Richard Abramson
Chocolate CBD Bar

Lee and Jeff at King Harvest,
Your CBD Chocolate Bar is terrific and it tastes great
It has a very calming and relaxing effect on both my mind and body. It has been helping me to ease my knee pain. Thank you for your outstanding customer service!
I recommend your high quality CBD chocolate bars wholeheartedly ! 👍👍

Restore Vape Cartridge
Vannessa Owens
Everything in my order

Too strong everything that I received is too strong.Please cancel any future orders Thank You

Life Saver

My name is Cora and Unwind helps my migraines and arthritis. King Harvest products has given me quality of life back. Before these products I couldn't move without pain and suffered weeks with severe migraines. At least now I'm not running every week to get steroid and demerol shots. I feel much better.

Unwind Tincture
Gives my husband a lot of relief

My husband suffers from an excruciating condition of Trigeminal Neuralgia. While he awaits a surgical procedure which could finally relieve his misery, he unfortunately has to take A LOT of pain relievers now. Having this additional pain reliever is a life saver because it does lessen the pain and without the nasty side effects of the nerve medications. What is scary now is many pain medications are out of stock in our town's pharmacies. I don't know what he'd do without this THC liquid.

Unwind Tincture
Jonathan Chisolm

This really help pain and anxiety my wife has! We thank you guys so much for helping an old Veteran’s wife! Peace, love, and soul!

Unwind Vape Cartridge
Thomas Swanson
My prefered medication

I have been using this product for years with excellent results for a lot of ailments

Synergy PM Vape Cartridge
Christine Price
From cancer to remission

King Harvest has helped me through my cancer with cartridges and more. Now in remission my body suffers with the after effects of chemo and radiation. I also have rheumatoid arthritis the vapes and chocolate help with inflammation also.

Synergy PM Vape Cartridge

Vape Battery
kat moon

Vape Battery

Uplift Vape Cartridge
Teresa Henderson

Love the products! Looking forward to monthly shipments

Nothing great. But doable

Title says it all.

Synergy PM Tincture
Bonnie Burden

It’s wonderful. I am finally able to sleep.


The people here are fantastic very professional and very knowledgeable I would absolutely recommend king harvest product are fantastic and very safe.use the unwind for back pain and sleep dose wonders for both

Helps me get to sleep

Unwind has helped me get to sleep. I feel calm, but not buzzed. Highly recommend.

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