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We found King Harvest and got our dog, Damo, started on THC & CBD tinctures and FECO (full extract cannabis oil). We also started prednisone to assist in halting any tumor growth in order to build up his THC dosing and eventually ween him off prednisone (which we are currently almost completely weened and showing no decline of energy which is great). Our consultant, Peter, was a literal godsend, he sent us over an entire regimen of everything that we could start doing right away to start healing him- He got a suppository 2/3 full EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for the last 7 weeks. The normal protocol could have been 1x a week if that’s all we were financially capable of, but we knew it was life and death situation so we asked for the highest dosing we could possibly do, and that right there is how a dog with cancer enters remission in just 6 weeks. DAMIEN IS CANCER FREE!!!!!

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