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Rae S

I was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma (mycosis fungoides) in Nov 2013. Treatment began immediately which consisted of using cortisone creams on rashes and getting light treatments 3 times a week. After several months, tumors appeared that required radiation. Light treatments stopped and I was given Acetritin (75 mg. daily), a psoriasis medication, to control tumor formation. After much research, I decided to try cannabis oil in addition to the prescribed medication to see if it could at least strengthen my immune system. Lee told me that I was the first patient with this rare cancer he had worked with, but recommended the protocol usually used for cancer patients. Rather than using FECO for 90 days I chose to use it for 120 days. For maintenance, I take Synergy in the morning and CBD and Unwind at night. Although no more tumors appeared after starting the Acetritin, the side effects were horrible (peeling skin, hair loss, sticky skin, toe and fingernail issues, and more). Nine months ago the Dr. decided I should take a break from the medication, after witnessing my heel peel off in her office. No tumors have reappeared. I am convinced that cannabis oil has helped me immensely. I sun several times a week, take tinctures and use cortisone creams if a rash appears. Although I started at Stage 2B, I have maintained Stage 1A since getting off the prescription medication. The customer support offered by King Harvest has been phenomenal. Knowing Bridget is just a phone call away was so reassuring when I was in the process of fine tuning dosages. Thank you, King Harvest!!

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