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P P and C P

Josh had just had his 8th birthday when he was diagnosed with B cell lymphoma. He had been sneezing for a few days with swollen lymph nodes under his throat but we assumed he had picked up a cold. The news was devastating. He did also have an intermediate mct on his ear which had been removed 4 years earlier & treated with massivet but grown back. We did not know about cannabis and were told his condition was not curable but could be treated even though B cell is rare and they used treatment from a different type as did not have 1 specifically for his cancer. We were told a maximum life expectancy of 20 months with chemo but on average 6-12 months. We started him on chemo which he did very well on, weekly doses for 28 weeks was what was planned. We actually got to 20 treatments with out any obvious side effects. However disaster struck when he managed to swallow instead of chew a piece of sharp, raw duck wing which tore open his intestine and spleen .(he had two previous intestinal surgeries due to swallowing toys) he was given a 20% chance of surviving. He is a survivor and he did pull through. During his recovery we started to read and hear about medicinal cannabis for cancer and decided we wanted to try it. We got him some oil from king Harvest as soon as he came home from his surgery. We were pretty worried about restarting chemo but decided he would be protected from the oils and to finish the course as he was so close. He actually went into anaphylactic shock and we nearly lost him during the IV chemo. So we stopped the it and have been using the oils ever since. He is approaching his 12th birthday and 4 years since diagnosis and we treasure every moment with him & thank goodness for companies like KH who without, he would definitely not be here. He has a whole host of other issues including joint problems and spondylosis in his spine and the oils really help to ease any pain associated with it too. We also put the oil on his mct topically and it disappears for weeks. One of our other dogs has severe hip dysplasia and was on nsaid’s which weren’t even helping and just causing internal damage, using the tinctures for him has given him a new lease of life and they are both so happy. Both are on a raw meat diet, we use homeopathy and they receive acupuncture as. Massage regularly. We love our boys so much and are so glad we have been able to improve and prolong their time with us.

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