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Darya P

After so many scammers online offering cannabis oil and products I almost gave up hope on cannabis. I luckily came upon KH and spoke to Lee. He sounded legit, listened to me and really wanted to help and gave me a quote. I took his info down thinking this is another scam. He gave me a 61% chance of putting cancer in remission. I decided to go ahead and order and take a chance. Once I received the medicine he assigned me my dosing nurse, Katie. She walked me thru all of the oils, what they are and how to use them properly. She called me every Monday to check how my dog was doing, how I was doing, increasing the doses and walked me thru every step. I bugged her so many times since I never used any sort of cannabis, and she was always there text away! Thank you, Katie, please bear with me )) always comforting and understanding. As of my dog’s history, she’s a nine-year-old Shih Tzu. She got diagnosed May 17 with breast cancer. Chemoradiation or surgery wasn’t an option for her because it had spread to her lungs. Veterinarian gave me 3 months for her to live. When I brought her home that day she didn’t want to eat her food. She was breathing hard, lethargic and my heart was breaking. Veterinarian gave us tramadol for pain but that didn’t do anything. I knew she wouldn’t last 3 months. She was in such bad condition that night. My world and hers was ending. That’s when my medicine came. She started eating again, breathing normally and playing. She was my Bexter again. She was not in pain and agony. It has been 5 months now and November 17th should be 6 months of her initial diagnosis. Even though cancer didn’t go into remission, Bexter’s life is back. I hope and pray I have many more months and years with her. I had spoken to my veterinarian a few weeks ago as well and she was surprised she was still alive. She simply said wow… offered pain killers if I needed and then offered her services to put her down when I’m ready… This is not my final letter to you guys as Bexter is a very happy puppy and so not ready to leave her momma and sister behind.

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