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Mizz J

This product works great for me because I have a low tolerance for THC. I suffer from FMS since the early ’90s and pain killers only put me to sleep to only wake up to the same pain and drowsiness. This product taken after 8 pm removes my pain, helps me sleep through the night, and wake up able to focus and work. I also do not grind in my sleep as much and I’m doing it less and less. I also stretch and sit in positions I could not before because of hip pain. One pull and I feel it moving through my veins. It seems to have removed some of the inflammation. The only issue I’ve noticed is when it is wearing off I get a headache. My medical specialist says to just take more and the headache will go away but I don’t want to get hooked on it. I only want it for pain. Maybe I should be hooked because it is the only relief I’ve had in over 20 years after retiring from the military. I’m happy there is finally something that works! Thank you king harvest!

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