Unwind Salve

Unwind Salve

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King Harvest whole molecule cannabis salve is an easy form of application that works well for a variety of ailments. it helps heal cuts, burns, and scrapes and can stop the itching and swelling of bug bites and stings. It is effective on sore joints and muscle spasms. Many patients dealing with autoimmune disorders, such as shingles, find this useful as an alternative to steroids or other pharmaceutical options.

  • Pain management and relief from chronic pain
  • 100% organic flower-only oil derived from heavy purple indica
  • Relieves the body of anxiety and pain while restoring the ability to rest
  • Recommended for those who are suffering from painful and chronic conditions who need strong combinational pain management therapies

Application: Topical (apply to skin only)

Medicinal Strength: See Guide

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