Sativa Pre-Roll

King Harvest’s pre-rolls are filled only with our ultra-potent organic cannabis flower. Each joint is crutched (filtered) and rolled skillfully by hand for superior air flow and no blockages. We offer three different seasonal flavors with potency options to suit your particular needs. As always, all King Harvest products are flower-only, 100% organic, lab-tested, and strain specific. Banjo – Sativa Banjo Sativa flower feels great and has patients coming back for more. One of the best tasting King Harvest strains in 2021, Banjo is one of our favorites due to the wonderful flavor and a rich terpene profile. This powerful sativa dominant flower offers an uplifting aroma with a fresh-squeezed orange juice mixed with tangy pineapple flavor. This Sativa-dominant hybrid offers cerebral and uplifting highs, perfect for energizing during the day or inspiring creativity. Great for anytime healing and inspiration, Banjo tends to be energizing and good for being active or anytime you need some energy.

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