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Chocolate Unwind Cannabis Leaf

5 – 20mg pieces of Indica THC

L’arte du chocolat – The Art of Chocolate

Satisfyingly rich dark chocolate crafted by Master Chocolatier Jenny Griffith, Chocolat By King Harvest blends organic and vegan-friendly dark chocolate with premium high-quality cannabis.


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V Pressley
Best nights sleep

I have a very hard time sleeping due to pain from 47 surgeries. I actually slept 6.5 hours straight the first night I ate one.

Soooo Good!!

These Delicious Oh So Yummy chocolates are amazing! Not only do they taste Great they also pack a punch at fighting my anxiety, and my body pains. King Harvest I want to thank you for always having great products that work amazing. You really have made my life better, as I fight lupus,and Hashimoto's as the drs gave me an 8 to 10 yr window to live. I am almost at the 10 yr mark, and it's hard, But I don't know what I would have done without y'all. Thank you for keeping this girl happy and healthy!

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