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1:1 FECO

King Harvest 1:1 Indica THC/CBD Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) is a rich flower-only oil consisting of equal parts Indica THC and CBD (Cannabidiol) compounds.

1:1 Indica THC/CBD FECO can be used for a broad spectrum of diagnosis and symptoms. The combination of THC and CBD gently stimulates the body’s own Endocannabinoid system.

King Harvest’s 1:1 Indica THC/CBD FECO is derived in equal parts from cannabis strains with CBD dominant ratios of 18:1 or greater, such as ACDC, and ultra-premium Indica strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, Cotton Candy, GrandDaddy Purple, and others. At King Harvest, we conduct extensive research to determine which strain types to use based on the history of patient success, overall purity, and potency of original lab-tested flowers.

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Fighting cancer
Tastes bad, won’t cancel subscription

I hold my nose and take it for sleep & pain. Doesn’t do much for pain. Takes a very long time for me to fall asleep. I expected it would kick in sooner. But the worst thing is it tastes terrible. And it makes me super sleepy the next day. I write to cancel the subscription but it just keeps coming.

mark doty
Too Thin!

When we first started using the one-to-one it was just as thick as the CBD and the THC but there's been a streak lately where it's really thin you have to keep it in the freezer and you still end up wasting some because it's almost impossible to control at times.

FECO gave me more quality time with my Ringo

King Harvest products have singlehandedly bought me so much more time and quality of life with my pup than I ever could’ve hoped for.

Ringo has been my best furry friend since I first got him when I went off to college. He means the world to me and has been my only roommate for much of the past 10 years. I was completely devastated to learn in December 2020 that he has a rare form of mast cell cancer. It’s inoperable and metastatic and my vets gave him a “best-case scenario” of 2 months to live. They said if I gave him chemo AND radiation, he may have up to 9 months. I couldn’t stand the thought of putting him through all that misery just to buy myself a few months, so I decided to forego chemical treatment and just cherish the time I had left with him.

Around this time, I stumbled upon King Harvest products. After speaking with Peter, who patiently walked me through the options and calmed my fears about trying this method of treatment, we started Ringo on Synergy oils and quickly added FECO in the mix. Ringo responded so well to this and his only side effect was increased appetite (haha!) He is happy as a clam every day and I often forget that he’s even “sick.” Cancer has not seemed to progress at all, and every time I take him to the vet, they are shocked to see how well he’s doing. I even give a little extra Synergy for anxiety sometimes if needed—it calms him down better than anything. No scary side effects like other medications the vet has given me in the past.

It has been over a year since the diagnosis when the vets thought he would have a month or two without chemo, and Ringo still shows no signs of stopping! I wish and hope that one day, everyone will be aware of this medicine. Chemo is NOT the only option, and for pup owners like me who just want the happiest and most comfortable life for their sick baby, King Harvest is nothing short of a miracle. I am so, so thankful for y’all, and Ringo is too!!

Jenn H.

FECO Saved My Life

FECO saved my life. I have a spinal cord injury from an accident as well as a fractured pelvis, broken hip & femur, and I destroyed my lower leg. My body is full of metal & pain. I swear from pain response, muscle spasms that throw my legs against the rails of the bed. Opiates have been taken away because some abused them & now everyone has to suffer because of the actions of others. FECO is high quality, the staff is very helpful. We do what we have to for survival. I am grateful to Kings Harvest!