Pain Management Protocol

If you live with chronic pain, you’ve probably already thought of trying medical marijuana. Cannabis for chronic pain straddles the line between pharmaceutical and alternative but the proven benefits are growing.

What is a Protocol

A protocol is a 90-day therapy designed to improve symptoms and ultimately eradicate the underlying diagnosis. King Harvest specializes in pairing strains or chemical profiles in cannabis to specific disease processes and diagnoses. Protocols are made specifically for each patient to fit your needs. This is why consults, although maybe inconvenient, are recommended.

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Lets Dive Deeper

The most popular and widely used benefit is its use for pain management. CBD and THC activate cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 throughout the body’s endocannabinoid system. It can stimulate or inhibit certain brain chemicals to cause desired effects. One such effect is pain relief.


THC activates the cannabinoid receptors in nerve cells instructing the cell how to perceive the pain impulse. It actually changes our perception of pain, reducing peripheral nerve pain, and allowing us to trace the pain back to its source for treatment. [5]

King Harvest's Cannabis Protocol effects

It has been especially beneficial for pain management patients in physical therapy. When you have severe trauma in parts of the body, you can’t always feel the source of the pain. Our bodies do everything they can to protect the brain, cutting off certain nerve pathways and creating new ones to avoid damage. Due to this survival process, damage to the hip can manifest in back or knee pain, but you just feel it as back or knee pain. Taking cannabis can relax those peripheral symptoms allowing you to feel where the real weakness is.

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It’s this action of creating a better sense of awareness to the body that makes cannabis such a better alternative for opioid medications. Opioids block and mask the pain symptoms, cannabis can relieve the pain in a real way, opening up the door for continued treatment of the core issues. But everyone is different and requires different strains or doses of cannabinoids. Request a personalized protocol when you speak with a patient care specialist today.

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