Inflammation Protocol

In short, cannabinoids direct the endocannabinoid system to signal mutated cells to stop replication or induce cell death. The problem with finding a solution is the number of possible mutations in various types of cells in the body. This is where traditional medicine fails and why we rely on our body’s own ability to heal.

What is a Protocol

A protocol is a 90-day therapy designed to improve symptoms and ultimately eradicate the underlying diagnosis. King Harvest specializes in pairing strains or chemical profiles in cannabis to specific disease processes and diagnoses. Protocols are made specifically for each patient to fit your needs. This is why consults, although maybe inconvenient, are recommended.

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Lets Dive Deeper

Inflammation is also a critical component of tumor progression. According to a study on Inflammation and Cancer published by the NCBI, “Cancers can arise from sites of infection, chronic irritation and inflammation. It’s become more clear that the microenvironment of a tumor, largely orchestrated by inflammatory cells, is an indispensable participant in the neoplastic process, fostering proliferation, survival, and migration.”


King Harvest's Cannabis Protocol effects

This insight into the spread of cancer cells is fostering the new wave of cannabis research into fighting cancer. Cannabinoids, especially CBD, have natural anti-inflammatory properties. They are significantly reducing inflammation that contributes to the microenvironment of a tumor. Cannabinoids are not the cancer killer; it’s just an ingredient our body needs to promote healthy cell growth and a balanced environment to grow healthy cells. 

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Every cancer case is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all protocol. When you work with our patient care specialists, they will help build your protocol and make adjustments throughout your journey with cannabis. Request a no-obligation consultation today to receive your personalized protocol.

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