Autoimmune Diseases Protocol

An autoimmune disease is a condition in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your body. Normally, our immune cells can tell the difference between a foreign cell and our own cells. Patients with autoimmune diseases mistake part of your body as foreign. It then releases proteins called autoantibodies that attack healthy cells. Cannabis has a role in reducing this friendly fire that happens within your body.

What is a Protocol

A protocol is a 90-day therapy designed to improve symptoms and ultimately eradicate the underlying diagnosis. King Harvest specializes in pairing strains or chemical profiles in cannabis to specific disease processes and diagnoses. Protocols are made specifically for each patient to fit your needs. This is why consults, although maybe inconvenient, are recommended.

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Lets Dive Deeper

Research suggests treatment of autoimmune diseases is possible with cannabis. Types of diseases in this study included:

Cannabis is a unique botanical remedy that can bring the system back into homeostasis. It helps in three basic ways: Modulation of the immune system, decreasing general inflammation and helping to assist the digestive system.

King Harvest's Cannabis Protocol effects

Further investigation showed that CB2 receptors regulate several complex pathways of the immune system. Preclinical studies show triggering CB2 receptors can suppress the immune response. Other models show CBD modulating the immune system rather than suppressing it. Slowing down T-cell production and suppressing immune system memory, meaning that CBD could cut down on the likelihood of future autoimmune attacks. [3]

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In short cannabinoids, through anti-inflammatory mechanisms, may reduce the overactive immune response of those suffering from autoimmune disorders. Depending on your condition, the dose and type of cannabis might change. Request a personalized protocol when you speak with a patient care specialist today.

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