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Treating Breast Cancer with Cannabis 10-3-2017
Breast cancer is a majorly aggressive health concern for women worldwide. It is currently the second deadliest form of cancer for women. In fact, a woman born today has a 1 in 8 chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime ( In addition to its deadliness, it is also misunderstood and, due to the various types of breast cancer, difficult to treat. Radiology, surgery, and chemical options are often used in an attempt to combat breast cancers but they are incredibly harsh and can have devastating side effects. Further, many types of breast cancer continue to be resistant to these interventions and the prognosis for these remains poor. Fortunately, research is proving that medical marijuana, also known as medical cannabis, is slowing the growth of tumors (angiogenesis) and actually causing the cancer cells to die through a process known as apoptosis (Guzmán, M, et al).

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