Meet Our Team: Luke

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I want to take some time to talk a bit about my experience using King Harvest medical cannabis tinctures for the following reasons: 

  • I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation to King Harvest in their sincere effort in help improve people’s emotional and physical health.
  • My experience might resonate with others in a similar situation and provide encouragement.

I’ve dealt and managed my own condition of anxiety and depression by just riding it out. I saw a therapist for a while and tried using a SSRI medication, but neither worked well. I mostly live through my anxiety and depression. I try to understand myself better and be honest with myself. It’s worked well enough thus far. I have been able to ride out bad patches along the way by the grace of God, family and, good friends. While I wouldn’t call my condition severe, it is definitely inhibiting and frustrating. It can be demoralizing. 

The most common method I use to deal with anxiety and depression is not the best and it is definitely not the healthiest method. 

Until recently, a typical night consisted of drinks or cigarettes when I came home to help take the edge off. If I was lucky, I would do something productive in between coming home and the cycle of continuing to drink and the collage of my phone, TV, and laptop. These were all crutches to distract me from whatever I was truly worried about. Depending on how riled up my mind was, it would take awhile before I’d had enough to drink to where I felt comfortable and would allow myself to sleep. 

Recently, I traveled to Mexico for my girlfriend’s birthday. Travel alone is enough to cause me to worry. On top of my upcoming trip, I had to work two separate jobs on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Needless to say, on Monday, I could feel the anxiety mounting up in my head. My usual coping method would be to drink the stress away, wake up grumpy and tired, and exhaust myself out until getting to the the airport gate. I’m sure I’ve done that very thing before a lot of vacations. I have memories of a hazy, recognizable feeling where I am scrambling to pack and leave for the airport with a hangover. (Maybe that’s why vacations always seem so relaxing…) 

I recently starting using King Harvest. I explained to Lee a little bit about what I have trouble with and he said Unwind would be helpful for me. The indica induces sleepiness and helps turn down the volume of anxious thoughts. 

It helped me. 

I tried Unwind for the first time that Monday night. I substituted the Unwind mid-cycle of drinking and distractions. I microdosed to start, only using a few drops, and the effects came on slowly. But then something really cool happened. I found myself wanting to reach for my guitar instead of my cell phone. I played a little music and got quieter. I did some chores and suddenly I felt ready to go to bed. I didn’t feel overly tired. I took another small dose of Unwind to help me sleep. I felt comfortable and tired and happy to be in my bed. My final thoughts before falling asleep were how lucky I was to be in such a good spot. I felt lucky to have plenty of opportunity to work, and knew the Mexico trip was going to happen when it was time to happen. I felt lucky to have that opportunity. It was a very different narrative than my evenings without the cannabis. 

I woke up the following morning and felt great. The effect of good sleep, plus the cancelling out of extra alcohol that I didn’t drink, made me feel like my body had really gotten the rest it needed. I felt ready to engage back into the world. 

One ordinary night may not seem that exciting, but it made a difference. I will continue to choose healthier ways to deal with my anxiety. I hope to incorporate medical cannabis more and continue to make progress in my life. Thank you King Harvest. I’m excited to be a part of a team that cares so much about helping others.