Meet Our Members: Amanda & Saban

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

King Harvest is often asked about our members. We’re proud to have members from all walks of life. Our members use King Harvest for a variety of healing purposes and each situation is unique.

We’re honored to be a part of their healing and look forward to sharing their stories in this new feature: Meet Our Members.

Amanda & Saban’s Story 

On February 7th, 2018, Amanda received devastating news. She was standing in the Pet Emergency Room, listening as the vet explained they wanted to put Amanda’s best friend to sleep. Saban, a 5 year old Black Lab, had been with Amanda through good times and bad. Amanda dealt with divorce, an awful custody battle, a move across country, a new job, a new city, and even a child going off to college – all with Saban by her side. Now, Saban had a huge mass in his stomach, “most likely the dreaded C word.”


Amanda was shocked. There wasn’t any time to process the information. She said it came with, “No warning, we needed to just say goodbye.” The vet explained that the only other option would be an extremely expensive surgery followed by months of Chemotherapy. This process would be very painful “without definite results.”

As Amanda stood in the Emergency Room, she thought about all the times Saban had been there for her. She thought about saying goodbye and knew that she wasn’t ready. “To give up on him now,” Amanda thought, “when he had helped me through so much wasn’t an option.” Amanda and Saban left the ER and Amanda began to research everything she could to try and help her “very best friend.”

It was an overwhelming process. There is a lot of information out there and Amanda was confused. She says it seemed like “some people just wanted my money, with no real answers.” Then, in a truly serendipitous moment, a gentleman from Australia suggested Amanda call King Harvest. Based on the Australian’s word alone, Amanda called, completely unaware that King Harvest was local to her area. Amanda’s consultation went very well. She “spoke with Lee from King Harvest for about 30 minutes, he really listened to me, and offered advice on what I needed, regardless if I bought his products or not.” Amanda followed Lee’s advice. This was in early May.

On June 4th, Saban had another check up with their local vet. The vet was blown away. Amanda says the vet “couldn’t believe that it was the same dog, the mass was half the size it was just 4 months ago, in fact it took her a minute to even find it.” Amanda was overjoyed. She called King Harvest to share Saban’s Story and recovery. When we asked Amanda if we could feature Saban, she immediately agreed.

“I am forever grateful to King Harvest for helping my sweet boy. Our family would be lost without him! We will be forever customers, and sing the praises of King Harvest to whoever will listen. We are so appreciative of King Harvest!” 

Thank you, Amanda, for allowing us to be a part of Saban’s story. He is extremely lucky to have you as his best friend.

Written By: Maile M. Walker © 

If you are a current King Harvest member and you would like to be featured in Meet our Members, send an email to Maile at [email protected]