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King Harvest gummies are designed to be a convenient option to give you the same healing power of King Harvest tinctures when you’re on the go. King Harvest gummies are made with fruit sugar, rather than white sugar. Unwind gummies consist of 20mg of Indica THC and are ideal for promoting relaxation and pain relief.

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The King Harvest Unwind THC gummies are made to offer you a tasty and practical way to enjoy the same therapeutic advantages as our best-selling King Harvest tinctures while you’re on the go! King Harvest Unwind gummies are produced with natural fruit sugar rather than white sugar. King Harvest Unwind gummies are created with only natural flavors, colors, and ingredients. Only the highest-grade cannabis oils are infused into each gummy to ensure the most dependable and secure CBD and THC gummies on the market. King Harvest Unwind gummies contain 20mg of Indica THC, which makes them perfect for promoting relaxation and pain relief.

Uses – King Harvest Unwind Gummies have the following uses in addition to many other health advantages:

-alleviation from all types of pain, including complete, neurological, and chronic pain.

-decreasing cancer-related symptoms and having anti-tumor characteristics.

-Neuroprotective characteristics, preventing neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and helping to avoid epileptic convulsions and muscle spasms.

-managing inflammatory disorders, including fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Precautions – It is important to keep in mind that each individual is impacted by THC and CBD in a different way; factors like body composition, diet and exercise, illness, time of day, etc. can all affect how your body is affected by cannabinoids. We usually advise starting with the lowest dose possible, such as half of one of King Harvest Unwind gummies, and gradually increasing the dosage until you find your own sweet spot. Please contact us or reach out to your dosing specialist for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best edible gummy for pain or insomnia?

    At King Harvest, we think it’s critical to remember that everyone is affected by THC and CBD differently; things like body composition, food, and exercise, being ill, the time of day, etc. can all have an impact on how your body responds to cannabinoids. The normal recommendation is to start with a small amount of Unwind or Uplift, such as half of an Unwind or Uplift (we find that the type depends on various factors, including gender), and then gradually increase the dosage until you reach your individual sweet spot. For further information, get in touch with your dosage specialist or us.

  • How long do CBD gummies keep you medicated?

    When you consume cannabis via smoking or vaping, the cannabinoids enter the lungs immediately and travel through the circulation to the brain before spreading to the rest of the body. On the other hand, THC found in edibles enters the body through the digestive system and first undergoes liver metabolization before moving on to other parts of the body.

    In the liver, THC is converted into 11-hydroxy-THC, a more potent version of the chemical. The effects of this chemical continue for six to eight hours and require between 30 and 90 minutes to become active. Additionally, this type of THC is better at penetrating the blood-brain barrier, providing a stronger and more sedative effect than other forms.

  • How long do CBD gummies show up on drug tests?

    Marijuana has a variable half-life that typically ranges from three to 12 days. The exact half-life of cannabis varies depending on the strain, how much is ingested, and the individual’s tolerance. Marijuana metabolites are metabolized more slowly than inhaled THC, thus they stay in the body longer. THC levels start to decline in marijuana smokers as soon as the peak passes.

    THC levels in the body can take up to a day to decrease after eating or consuming something. Generally speaking, edibles can linger in your system for anything between a few hours to 90 days, depending on how much was taken in. In our experience, most people test “clean” after 30 days.

  • How many CBD gummies should I take for pain relief?

    A user’s individual metabolism and endocannabinoid system, as well as the dose size and general tolerance, all affect the onset and duration of an edible high. If you’re used to smoking, start low and take it easy when using edibles to avoid consuming too much before your body has had a chance to metabolize it. We usually recommend starting with half a gummy and going up from there.  

  • What are Unwind edibles?

    King Harvest Unwind THC gummies are cannabis edibles designed to provide you with a delicious and convenient way to get the same therapeutic benefits as our best-selling King Harvest tinctures while you’re on the go. Instead of using white sugar, King Harvest Unwind gummies are made using natural fruit sugar. Only all-natural flavors, colors, and ingredients are used to make King Harvest Unwind gummies. Ensuring the most reliable, secure CBD and THC gummies available on the market, only the highest grade cannabis oils are infused into each gummy. King Harvest Unwind gummies contain 20mg Indica THC, which makes them perfect for promoting relaxation and pain relief.

  • How long does it take for the CBD gummies to take effect?

    King Harvest THC and CBD edible gummies generally take 30  minutes to take effect with most patients experiencing the full benefits at the one-hour mark. 

  • What type is King Harvest Unwind gummies: sativa or indica?

    King Harvest Unwind gummies are made from the highest quality Indica THC. Our products are made from cannabis flowers and never from hemp.

Customer Reviews

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Rick McKinnon

These gummies are great. I have insomnia, I got 8 hours sleep and felt recharged the next day. Thank you King Harvest, all your medications are exactly as described.

Kim Smith

I liked but I thought I was getting free 2 day shipping and I did not

Barry Ward
Gummy Barry

Guy’s, these are by far the BEST …
can’t thank you all enough for changing my life with the Unwind Gummies.

Sylvia Newsom

They were melted but ok

Caleigh Hall
Excellent gummies

Unwind Gummies are great for relieving pain, alleviating insomnia, and reducing stress. These are not your garden-variety gummies -- they pack a punch!