Indica Pre-Roll

King Harvest’s pre-rolls are filled only with our ultra-potent organic cannabis flower. Each joint is crutched (filtered) and rolled skillfully by hand for superior air flow and no blockages. We offer three different seasonal flavors with potency options to suit your particular needs. As always, all King Harvest products are flower-only, 100% organic, lab-tested, and strain specific. GMO Cookies – Indica GMO Cookies is an ultimate Indica-dominant healing strain loved by patients everywhere! Patients report that this offers an amazing body high leaving you relaxed and free from pain. This strain promotes a euphoric high with anti-depressive uplifting effects, without giving the patient unwanted energy. Large doses of this strain can cause a couch lock effect (which is what many patients are hoping to achieve). Expect a bold flavor with the hint of a garlic or a pepper flavor that lingers on the tastebuds for a few moments.

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Customer Reviews

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Melba Bruce
Thank you King Harvest

The pre-rolls are a great and faster-acting medicine to use for severe pain. I like to have it available to use when I need quicker pain relief. I use the tincture for my regular pain. I can’t believe how much these products have helped me. I am able to walk again and it helps very much with the muscle spams and nerve damage! I no longer need the strong narcotics that I hated to take!

Todd A. Larsen
Excellent, professional

Worth every penny. Provided a nice, pleasant high, and helped me write some lyrics I had been having trouble with!

Great product

Love this product!

Best Ever!

These people are so knowledgeable about the medical use of their products. They are swift with delivery and have the best Customer Service team to help.
The higher price is well worth paying since your medicinal products are pure and long lasting.

Aubrey Hicks

Indica Pre-Roll